Iran, the battle of all Arabs

Mashari Althaydi
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Is the problem with Iran limited to Saudi Arabia? The question may seem strange to some. However, most Arab media coverage implies this.

What is more strange is that there is no direct and apparent Iranian invasion of Saudi Arabia. This is a suicidal adventure anyway. However, there is an invasion of Yemen, Iraq and Syria and semi-occupation and tutelage over Lebanon through the local proxy, Hezbollah.


There is destructive Iranian activity in Saudi Arabia through terrorist cells in Qatif and Ahsa, east of the country. Iran maliciously supports al-Qaeda networks which consist of Osama bin Laden’s and Zawahiri’s disciples. The fact that Osama’s children stayed in Iran where they were protected by the Revolutionary Guards is an example.

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Jordan’s King Abdullah II was the one who warned of the Shiite Crescent few years ago. The countries, which were angered by Shiism projects based on Khomeini’s ideology, were Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan and Senegal. Egypt cut ties with the Khomeini regime before anyone else.

The country whose national carrier was hijacked and whose convoy of its head of state was blown up is Kuwait.

This is not Saudi Arabia’s battle alone. It is the battle of all Arabs and all Muslims, or rather all humans against a regime that incites sedition

Mashari Althaydi

Before the Houthi war

The Khomeini republic did not do anything of the sort to Saudi Arabia. However, it committed other crimes there, long before the Houthi war in Yemen erupted. An example is the revolutionary guards’ crime during the 1987 pilgrimage, explosions in the eastern region in the 1980s and the explosion of the Khobar towers in 1996.

The point of narrating this is to voice surprise of this blunted effect, which Saudi Arabia sees in most Arab media outlets – except for Emirati and Bahraini ones as their stances are in harmony – as they limit the Arabs’ problem with Iran to Saudi Arabia.

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Let’s put the genius Lebanese minister Gebran Bassil aside as he told us: “What does Lebanon have to do with Saudi Arabia’s problem with Iran?” He is a genius whose statements make you want to cry and laugh at the same time!

The Khomeini project’s threat will not spare anyone. It is an ongoing coup project against everyone. What happened in Black Africa is proof of this globalized Khomeini greed.

In brief, this is not Saudi Arabia’s battle alone. It is the battle of all Arabs and all Muslims, or rather all humans against a regime that incites sedition. He who does not fight the battle today according to his own conditions will be eaten up by villains.

The recent Arab ministerial statement that time has come to rid the region of the Iranian threat must be translated into action.

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Saudi journalist Mashari Althaydi presents Al Arabiya News Channel’s “views on the news” daily show “Maraya.” He has previously held the position of a managing senior editor for Saudi Arabia & Gulf region at pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat. Althaydi has published several papers on political Islam and social history of Saudi Arabia. He appears as a guest on several radio and television programs to discuss the ideologies of extremist groups and terrorists. He tweets under @MAlthaydy.

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