Why is Nasrallah angry with Arabs?

Mashari Althaydi

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In Hassan Nasrallah’s recent speech, in which he commented on the Arab foreign ministers’ statement on Iran and its followers, Houthis in Yemen and Hassan Nasrallah’s Party in Lebanon, two things drew my attention.

The first is Nasrallah’s insistence on the idea that the axis of opposition – meaning the axis of Iran – has won a sweeping victory for the benefit of not only Syrians and Iraqis, and not for the benefit of Arabs and Muslims. According to him, this is a clear and historic victory for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Nasrallah went on and on and boasted about Qasem Soleimani’s leadership. Nasrallah also corrected the name of Qasem’s network as Quds Force and not Quds Fleet. Let our brothers in the Arab take notice.

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Anyways, what is important about the Quds Force, according to Nasrallah, is that it led the victory march against evil ISIS in the city of Abu Kamal, Syria. This was for the betterment of humanity and coincided with the victory accomplished on the Iraqi side in the district of Rawa by militant Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

What does Nasrallah want from this? What he wants to say is the following: We, the Iranian group, the Shiites, the axis of resistance, have achieved victory over ISIS, the Saudi Wahhabis – this is what Nasrallah insisted on in his speech.

He would also want to say that Saudi Arabia and the remaining Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula never fought ISIS, all the while pointing with his finger to undermine. It seems that Nasrallah has never followed, or didn’t want to, the Saudi security battles over the years with ISIS in Saudi cities and the mountains of Yemen.

Aside from the absurdities, Nasrallah’s bitterness toward Arabs is a good indicator of the birth of a real Arab position that has angered Khomeini

Mashari Althaydi

‘Divine’ victory

Nasrallah wants to celebrate his new “divine” victory in Lebanon. He said he was preparing the grand celebration of the Shiite victory worldwide. Perhaps he would also sell this victory to the West and the East in favor of Iranian propaganda.

Nasrallah may have rushed to celebrate and jumped the gun as Iran is itself condemned. The second thing that drew my attention in Nasrallah’s speech was his mockery of Arabs and the whole idea of “why are Arabs so full of themselves” against the Persian Iranians.

He also mocked the Gulf people’s traditional clothing, the Ghatrah and Shammagh. However, Nasrallah didn’t tell us about is his Abaya, turban and rings and where did all these come from?

Aside from the absurdities, Nasrallah’s bitterness toward Arabs is a good indicator of the birth of a real Arab position that has angered Khomeini. That in itself is a good start.

Will Arabs complete the journey toward creating a responsible Arab policy, which aims to protect Arab security, in a serious way this time?

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