Qatar and the illusion of power

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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Politics has nothing to do with fake bravery and catchy slogans fueled by alleged victories, and pretending to fight for a struggle. It is quite simply, to be subjective and logical and to work on achieving the higher interest of the state. This is what the Qatari government lacks.

Objectivity and rationality would say that four countries boycotting Qatar will have no negative consequences for it, especially with the kingdom being strong. It tackles its issues on its own and isn’t willing to give up its rights.

It is in control of the movements of its diplomats who appear in the headlines of all the major newspapers in the Arab world and beyond. Qatar is fully engaged on local and international issues and in strategic issues.

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More notably, Qatar’s main news channel, which is its most prized possession, has significantly dropped in terms of viewership. This is due to new powerful, professional competition completely surpassing Al Jazeera’s credibility and capabilities after Al Jazeera had once been the number one most viewed channel.

Qatar handles all of its affairs with the spirit of a bad loser who does not want to admit its defeat, which made them pay a hefty price as time went by. They would have paid a far lower price if they had admitted to their mistakes earlier on.

Qatar handles all of its affairs with the spirit of a bad loser who does not want to admit its defeat

Mohammed Al Shaikh

Arab Spring

Qatar spent billions of dollars on what they called the “Arab Spring”, but this so-called spring has failed miserably, ending in bloodshed, with people either dead, injured or deformed. Because of it, Qatar has lost huge political power but it still refuses to admit its failure, blames others and insists that the “Arab Spring” has not ended.

This was a statement made by Hamad bin Jasim bin Jaber on the BBC news channel, and it is a well-known fact that this Hamad is smarter than Hamad bin Khalifa. In other words, he holds the key to Qatar’s power.

The other Hamad, however, who was once the prince and then stepped down for his son Tamim, has serious health issues and is overcome with stupidity and a lack of a vision for the future. He does not give important issues the time of day, and needless to say, Tamim is taking the role of a Prince for ceremonial purposes. and doesn’t have any actual power. He is more like a postman whose only job is to deliver messages back and forth, that is all.

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If Qatar had professional, realistic politicians, they would have realized that real politics has nothing to do with wishful thinking but rather real issues. And the reality is now obvious in the sense that Qatar needs to surrender because it relied upon calculations and expectations which turned out to be wrong.

Admitting to these mistakes and dealing with their consequences is what should happen. Otherwise, things internally and externally will not be stable especially considering Iranian and Turkish politicians are opportunists. As soon as they sense that your ship is drowning, they will abandon Qatar and its people to face their doom alone.

As for the terrorists that have made your country a safe haven for them, more notably the Muslim Brotherhood, they are like sly foxes, and they will be the first to sell you out to survive and save this organization. This is their utmost priority.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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