Yemen finally revolts against Houthis

Mashari Althaydi

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The most significant phrase used by “revolutionary” Ali Abdullah Saleh as he spoke out against the Houthis is “revolt for the sake of your unity and your state.”

This is how he addressed the Yemeni people, particularly people in the North, who succeeded in their September 1962 revolution against the Zaydi Imamate rule. Saleh knows well which sentiment to appeal to through this call.

What has happened in the past few days is going to be decisive for Yemen’s modern history. It may succeed in ending the Zaydi revolutionary phase in its Houthi Khomeinite version forever or for a long period of time.

Can Saleh be blamed for his alliance with the Houthis when he and the General People’s Congress knew all about this Imamate entity’s ideology and its hostile Khomeinite approach against Arabs?

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Yes he knew this about the Houthis and he was fully aware when he decided to ally with them. Saleh is in fact one of the parties that has led Yemen to its current disastrous situation as he involved Yemen in strife and danger after the Gulf solution guaranteed his safe exit from governance.

Anyway we are facing a new and welcome reality now that must be supported in all ways possible as Saleh proved that he is a major player in the Yemeni political arena. Whether one likes this or not, this is the reality, which in part is a result of the last three years under the Houthi Khomeinite security and political governance.

This uprising must be fully supported not on the political and media levels but on the military and intelligence levels

Mashari Althaydi

Armed gangs

Yemen’s population is in millions, its mountains overlook Saudi Arabia and the country is significant for its location on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The worst threat against Yemen, its neighbors and the world is for the country to fall under the rule of armed gangs that take orders from Qassem Soleimani and the demons of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Therefore, the Yemeni people’s uprising, led by Ali Abdullah Saleh and the General People’s Congress, will have consequences. I think this uprising must be fully supported not on the political and media levels but on the military and intelligence levels.

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During his address declaring war on the Houthis, Saleh said: “I call on all the Yemeni people in all governorates and areas to unite and rise to defend Yemen against the Houthis who have tampered with Yemen for three years to avenge from those who united Yemen and carried out the September revolution.”

The man used this rhetoric when he was an active military man within the Yemeni republican forces. He addressed neighboring countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, and spoke about opening a new page. He added: “It’s enough what happened in Yemen and to Yemen.”

In the end, hope is great, work is duty and caution is a must.

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