When Qatar’s famous turncoat talks about Jerusalem

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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Saudi Royal Court advisor Saud Al-Qahtani recently tweeted about a “funny historical incident” related to the controversial cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. A long time back, the leader of “Two-Hamads” regime came crying to the once mature Qatari leadership seeking clemency for the controversial Islamic scholar Qaradawi. The royal audience reprimanded him for making the plea as Qaradawi was supportive of Hezbollah.

In response, he replied: “May God bless you, if you wish me to bring him and dance before you, I shall do so gladly.” The then Qatari foreign minister released this video segment wherein Al-Qahtani states Qaradawi made the predictable 180 degree about-face in his position regarding Hezbollah. The statement of Qatar’s Emir in this incident is said to be well documented in the archives of the Royal Court. Perhaps this is the only true claim made by the rulers of Qatar, although as is well-known they rarely say the truth.

Raking up public outrage

I was reminded of this statement when I read the recent angry response of Qaradawi — by which he deftly seeks to reclaim his lost glory — to the United States recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the announcement that it would move its embassy there. This unreliable opportunist has tried to exploit the popular outrage in the wake of this unfortunate event. In his tweet, Qaradawi insults the United States in a way which Imam Malik would have found improper while pronouncing in favor of the prohibition of wine.

Perhaps Qaradawi forgot that he had once even given his blessings to the NATO alliance, the military arm of the West. When Obama was supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qaradawi stated in what can only be considered sheer idiocy that “If the Prophet (peace be upon him) was alive he would have shaken hands with NATO.” Here, Qaradawi was clearly behaving like an exotic dancer who would make Najwa Fouad, the famous Egyptian dancer, embarrassed of her talents, as he swayed his hips on the demands of the audience. The man is clearly without any principles, as he oscillates and changes his colors like a chameleon. He supports the United States if the Islamic segment of the populace starts supporting it, and he changes his orientation the moment the masses seek a change of hearts.

Playing to the gallery

Qaradawi, like many others who follow him on this path, is a chimera. He does what Qatar wants him to do and not what Islam wants them to be. These politicking Muslims have neither shame nor fear of God, or respect for his creation because when they issue these fatwas, they are fully aware that their followers are like sheep that will blindly follow them to Hell. The typical member of the Muslim Brotherhood is completely insensitive. He is institutionally brainwashed to blindly follow and be submissive. Tilimsani once stated of the preachers of the Muslim Brotherhood, “The Ikhwani in the hands of his sheikh is like the dead in the hands of those who wash him.” They thereby deprive man of his most important mental faculties. I have no doubt that Qaradawi is well aware of the inanity, naiveté and indifference of his followers, otherwise he wouldn’t reveal his true colors so blatantly, as he did when he tampered with the sayings of the Prophet.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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