Will Fire and Fury topple Trump?

Mamdouh AlMuhaini
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It’s rare for a book to cause a fuss worldwide as has been the case with Fire and Fury about President Donald Trump written by Journalist Michael Wolff.

Everyone is talking about it these days but let’s wait for a week or two. We will forget about it because it did not provide anything new or a destructive evidence that has the potential to topple Trump like Wolff had promised.


It relied on gossip, a pattern that has become common. Almost all political leaders were featured in books with names like “The president’s scandals” or “The secret life” or “Dangerous secrets.” These are all interesting titles but there’s nothing more to them.

All they do is stir a temporary emotional uproar without changing anything. They do not topple the president or even his personal bodyguards. The writer and the publisher are the only ones who financially benefit from these shallow scandalous books.

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Wolff’s book made a huge promise which it’s difficult to imagine how it will be kept. I think it is all part of the campaign to market the book which promised to topple Trump. Wolff has repeatedly hinted at that, particularly in interviews he gave after publishing the book.

His argument is that a White House team is discussing the idea of isolating Trump based on the 25th amendment that deals with succession to the presidency in case of presidential disabilities. These are dangerous statements but Wolff did not rely on a well-known source to back his story. When asked about it, he said this topic was being discussed by the team’s top officials but he did not name anyone.

It’s impossible for all these officials to agree to say one thing in front of Trump and the complete opposite behind his back – like what happens in low-budget detective stories

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Illogical point

Another illogical point in the book is that all of the administration members doubt his mental health and emotional stability. Some people may believe that but to say that all of them are convinced that he cannot lead seems like an exaggeration that’s difficult to believe.

American officials including Mike Pompeo, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, spoke on the matter. Pompeo, who meets with the president on a daily basis and knows how he thinks and makes decisions, said that the book is full of silly details and does not rely on facts.

Nikki Haley and Trump’s aide Stephen Miller described the book as “trash.” Tillerson and others refuted Wolff’s account which relies on one source. Logically speaking, it’s impossible for all these officials to agree to say one thing in front of Trump and the complete opposite behind his back – like what happens in low-budget detective stories.

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It was said that the most important part of the book is the talk with Steve Bannon. It’s true that the book without Bannon would not have created all this excitement especially that Bannon was close to Trump and that Bannon himself is an interesting character. What Bannon said about Trump’s son is nothing new.

Although Bannon voiced regret and retracted his statements and said he did not mean to accuse him of treason, his analysis is actually right. Meeting with the Russian lawyer, who claimed to have ties with the Kremlin, was a huge mistake committed by Trump’s impulsive and naïve son. It was a trap to set him up and she did not have any significant information on Hillary Clinton like she claimed.

However, Wolff’s statements that Bannon doubts Trump’s abilities are suspicious because Bannon has not stopped supporting his former boss via his famous website Breitbart News. Bannon however dislikes Trump’s truce-like policy towards the financial and political institutions in Washington and which Bannon wants to destroy.

There are people who met with Bannon to write new books but they all denied that he is hostile to Trump or that Bannon said Trump suffers from dementia. Wolff is the only one who recounted this story that Trump is a stupid man surrounded by clowns.

A snoopy fly

Wolff recounted information like he’s present in every single room in the White House or like he’s a snoopy fly which no one noticed its presence. Truth is he quoted others and this recount of statements is doubted because of the weak quoting style. Wolff admitted that he heard contradictory statements about certain events and in the end decided to adopt one narrative which he personally felt was the most honest.

However, this increases doubts that he chose the thread which leads to the final outcome which he already had in mind. Wolff’s credibility shook again when he said that a reporter at the Washington Post was present in a breakfast that Ivanka Trump attended. The reporter denied the allegations and said he was at the hospital witnessing the birth of his baby. It turned out that Wolff confused the names Mike and Mark.

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The book mentioned correct and well-known information such as that Trump does not read and does not like to listen for a long period of time and that he brags and boasts about his achievements. His talk about Trump’s love for MacDonald’s and that he eats it not to be poisoned and how he and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms and talks about his friends’ wives and adopts a misogynist approach comes within the context of assassinating Trump’s character.

The leftist liberal media has been hostile toward Trump and described him as a clown and trolled him during the presidential campaign, and after he won, it described him as a madman who is incapable of leading. There’s been this fuss for over a year now and Wolff succeeded in collecting these narratives and put them in one book with an attractive headline. The important question is: Will the book topple Trump?

It’s very unlikely considering that conclusive evidence which convicts him has not surfaced so far.

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