How Qatari funding contributed to Arab destruction

Sawsan Al Shaer
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Recent reports and investigations have exposed Qatar’s role in funding rebels in Arab countries under the excuse of “supporting persecuted people” and showed that the Arab Spring was neither spontaneous nor random.

Evidence which has been hidden for years eventually came to surface exposing how the so-called Arab Spring was schemed in the dark.

Qatar’s role in the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution was concealed for years in an attempt to make the latter look like it was spontaneous. However, movements that oppose political Islam and Ennahda Movement insist not to let the “crimes” which the latter committed pass without punishment.

Some prohibitions have been permitted and some crimes have been justified such as high treason that’s represented in accepting money from foreign military parties. Such crimes would not have been allowed if there hadn’t been a “legitimate cover.”

Qatar’s friends in Tunisia attempted to conceal Doha’s role in dubious funding in North Africa; however, these attempts have failed as al-Hurra parliamentary bloc MP Sahbi Ben Faraj revealed that Tunisian military officials and civilians benefited from Qatari funds for unknown purposes.

Qatar’s role in the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution was concealed for years in an attempt to make the latter look like it was spontaneous

Sawsan Al Shaer

A retired general

According to a document cited by Faraj, suspicious money transfers were made by a “retired general in the Qatari armed forces to some Tunisian banks.” The account included funds derived from an account under the name of the Qatari Armed Forces, which is part of the bank account of the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Tunisia.

The suspicious funds and cash withdrawn from the account amounted to $2 billion. The commission tasked with investigating the matter examined semi-high officials, including military personnel, who benefited from these funds.

Then-Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa was informed of the matter on November 17, 2014. The Ministry of Defense questioned the suspected Qatari general on December 4, 2014, before referring the case to the military court.

On April 4, 2015, then-Prime Minister Habib Essid took legal action that led to issuing a judicial order to hand over the case file to a department that looks into terror crimes. On July 24, 2015, the bank accounts of the Qatari general in question were frozen based on a judge order. The frozen amount is estimated at 3 million Tunisian dinars.

After four years of investigation and not announcing who’s involved and who’s responsible, whether in the defense or justice ministries or at the Central Bank, MP Marwan al-Falafel told Al Arabiya that Al Hurra parliamentary bloc, will “set up a committee for investigation and follow-up in the framework of its oversight and parliamentary responsibilities.”

Tunisia’s security

He added that no one was above the law “especially when it comes to Qatar’s infiltration of Tunisia’s security and when dealing with foreign parties that want to destabilize the country and the region.”

For four years, Qatar’s friends who benefited from Qatar’s funds tried to dismiss the matter but free Tunisian parties rejected doing so and insisted on exposing facts and on informing the public opinion all about Qatar’s and traitors’ role in harming Tunisia and leading it into the dark.

National principles and values have been tampered with in favor of so-called cross-border parties which must be strictly confronted and exposed to all those who have been misled by their lies.

Those who prohibited groups in Bahrain to accept any Iranian funds must also reject any Qatari funding of a Tunisian, Egyptian, Algerian or Moroccan movement. Principles are principles and they can neither be fragmented nor amended.

This article is also available in Arabic.

Sawsan Al Shaer is a Bahraini writer and journalist. She tweets @sawsanalshaer.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English's point-of-view.
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