Qatar’s attempt to deceive the West

Mohammed Al-Hammadi

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The Qatari emir's speech at the Munich Security Conference recently held was a remarkable attempt at deceiving the West. Through his words, the emir tried to outsmart Westerners, and so he made use of smart one-liners and outlandish claims that no longer fool countries of the region. One wonders whether he was seriously expecting to deceive powerful countries with sound faculty of judgment.

Strangely, Qatar continues to believe that it is in the right and imagines that various countries still support it. However, the whole world knows that Qatar is being used by some regional countries and international powers, as nothing but a pawn

Emir tries to hoodwink Europe

This speech by the Qatari emir in Munich is his fourth since the boycott of his country began. The style and the content of all four speeches are quite similar, but the Munich speech was remarkable because it tried to trick and mislead the Europeans. Here are some of the bizarre claims he made in his speech.

The emir of Qatar tried to sell to the West old ideas, when he asserted that “injustice paves the way for the flourishing of terrorism

Mohammed Al-Hammadi

The emir said that “the EU has proven that unity is based on common security interests.” The question is, did Qatar preserve the security interests of the Gulf States and Arab countries? To the contrary, did it not cause problems in its neighboring states and used its media outlets to spread rumors and lies, especially through Al Jazeera?

The emir of Qatar tried to sell to the West old ideas, when he asserted that “injustice paves the way for the flourishing of terrorism”, as if the world does not realize that Qatari money was channeled through many countries to help terrorism to spread and flourish. Definitely, nobody doubts this fact.

Invective against the GCC

He even tried to propose in his speech the idea of closing down the Gulf Cooperation Council when he said that the Gulf crisis “caused by our neighbors” prevented the existence of the Gulf region to function as a political entity. Perhaps, he forgot that his father’s administration had been destabilizing the Gulf Cooperation Council for two decades, and that it was Qatar that had hatched conspiracies to overthrow the ruling families of the Gulf countries. In fact, Qatar conspired against many countries starting with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain. Does the emir of Qatar believe that anyone will be fooled by this talk?

The Qatari emir boasted in front of the Western audience that “Qatar is the safest and most secure country in the world”. Perhaps, he only puts the safety and security of his own country ahead of Arab countries that are experiencing wars and destruction. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and even Palestine faced direct and indirect interventions from Qatar. Is it right for Doha to revel in peace, while her neighboring countries are troubled by wars and conflicts?

The other false claim made by the Qatari emir at the Munich conference was that “the boycotting countries insist on curbing press and media freedoms”. This is the strangest accusation to come from Qatar. After watching Qatari television channels or reading its newspaper, we can only pity the Qatari media.

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