The Obama Show on Netflix

Mashari Althaydi

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The value of the deal between former US President Barack Obama and Netflix does not matter. More important is the content that Obama will produce.

Netflix is a successful commercial company that has particularly spread among youths who no longer stick to watching ordinary television channels. Thanks to Netflix, they can watch what they want at anytime without abiding by the schedules of ordinary channels.

Netflix thus offers a revolutionary experience as viewers get to design their own library. The company became stronger thanks to its production as it has produced over 1,000 hours of original content.

Let’s go back to Obama who is a social media lover. During his first presidential campaign, Obama presented himself as the “cool” president who uses modern communication tools. Back then, this meant Blackberry smart phones.

Netflix, which was founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, is now worth billions of dollars, and that amount is constantly increasing.

So what will Obama and his wife Michelle offer to the Netflix audience?

Proposed ideas

The New York Times reported that one of the proposed ideas is that Obama would manage debates about healthcare, climate change and immigration – affairs which dominated the scene during the eight years of his presidential terms. The liberal American daily and his fans said Obama will present “inspirational” shows.

This harmonizes with the news report, which Reuters had published, about The Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago which they hope it will become a center to “train” future leaders.

How does Obama envision leadership? What are the characteristics of political leadership, especially in third world countries which include our Arab countries, according to Barack Hussein Obama, who backed the Arab Spring and sealed the mysterious deal with Iran?

We must think about this new development regarding the rise of the Obama rhetoric which harms us and interact with it. We must look into means to overcome it and weaken it.

We do not need to repeat why we are against the policies which Obama adopted when he was president. There is plenty of evidence about Obama’s blessings!

There is a question that’s more important. Isn't there anyone else to entertain Netflix viewers other than Obama? What are the manifestations of an opposing presence, whether via a network similar to Netflix, movies or entertainment shows?

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