Four reasons why destroying the Brotherhood is a noble task

Mamdouh AlMuhaini
Mamdouh AlMuhaini
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The governments of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt are performing what we can call the noblest task that we are continually witnessing – the task of destroying the Muslim Brotherhood as an ideology, organization and individuals. However why is this task, which will have the greatest impact in the future, viewed as the noblest? In my opinion, there are four reasons.

Completely destroying the Brotherhood means a complete and final victory of the idea of the civil state without any future threats to it. Just like the West destroyed Nazism, fascism and communism to progress and advance without any obstructions, it is important to completely destroy the Muslim Brotherhood

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

A fertile soil of extremism

The first reason is that the Brotherhood’s ideology is the fertile soil of extremism and without it, we would not have known the most dangerous terrorist leaders who caused plenty of tragedies and tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims. If the Muslim Brotherhood hadn’t existed, Bin Laden would have probably been a rich contractor residing in Jeddah and Zawahiri would have probably been a surgeon living in the suburbs of Cairo.

However, their belief in this extremist ideology is what made them murderers whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent people. It is perhaps an exaggeration to say that terrorism will completely end without the Brotherhood as there will continue to be scattered groups that transform the culture of hatred into violence. However, they will not be like the Brotherhood who have transformed extremism into a skill and a profession and nurtured terror groups with a countless number of recruits. Imagine our world without the Brotherhood and you will clearly realize that terrorism will not reach this massive extent it has reached.

The Brotherhood vs the civil state

The second reason is that there cannot be a state with the Brotherhood, meaning a modern civil state which people cannot develop without. The Muslim Brotherhood are this state’s worst enemies as they aspire to establish a religious state or a caliphate. This is why they admire Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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The Brotherhood has destroyed the concept of a state every time they attained power, just like what happened during the eras of Mursi, al-Shater and the group’s general guide as they’ve pushed Egypt, for the first time ever, to the edge of collapse, darkness and chaos. The Brotherhood’s insults are continuously directed at the modern state in an attempt to fully delegitimize it. According to them, rulers are tyrants, security forces are murderers, the applied laws are not Islamic and religious scholars are the preachers of the sultans.

This Brotherhood perspective is nothing strange because it relies on old and well-established teachings spread by Muslim Brotherhood thinkers like Maududi, Sayyid Qutb and others who solidified these concepts such as hakimiyyah and jahiliyya (ignorance) of societies. Their ideas influenced the thinkers and leaders of the Shiite Brotherhood version represented in Khomeini and Khamenei after that who translated Qutb’s works into the Iranian language.

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Completely destroying the Brotherhood means a complete and final victory of the idea of the civil state without any future threats to it. Just like the West destroyed Nazism, fascism and communism to progress and advance without any obstructions, it is important to completely destroy the Muslim Brotherhood in order to fold the last page of their obnoxious book forever.

Blocking advancement

The third reason is that there cannot be scientific, intellectual and cultural advancement with the Brotherhood and their ideology. The Brotherhood controlled educational institutions in several Arab countries and completely destroyed them. They poisoned students’ minds with hatred and conspiracies that are woven against the West thus creating a severe state of disconnect and conflict between Muslims and the rest of the world to the point where coexistence and integration became such a difficult idea. They also created an internal state of disconnect as part of the Uzlah al-Shu'uriyyah concept (isolation from others through feelings) which the pious must adopt within their ignorant societies.

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This isolation is the psychological foundation to any terrorist, whether a beginner or a professional. Those whom the Brotherhood taught are unfortunate because they never felt the joy of reading a literary novel. How can they do so when Naguib Mahfouz was a heretic and a secular? They did not understand the beauty of poetry as to them, Adonis, Nizar Qabbani and Ghazi Al-Gosaibi are a bunch of immoral writers.

The same goes for prominent western intellectuals who are specialized in Islamic heritage, like Georges Tarabichi who they see as a Christian infiltrator and Bernard Lewis who they see as a Zionist orientalist and an enemy of Islam. They destroyed the idea of experimental and neutral science and sought to link it to religion according to the mythical methods of Zaghloul El-Naggar. A nation whose education is destroyed, is steeped in conspiracy theories whose literature is suspicious and theoris for science are a joke cannot rise. This is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood specializes in and it’s not possible to take one step forward in their presence.

An epidemic

The fourth reason is that the Brotherhood’s ideology is an epidemic that spreads in every spot. The Brotherhood ideology is totalitarian. Those who believe in it infiltrate all institutions and ministries and manage to spread this epidemic, especially if they are at the head of power.

The Brotherhood destroyed the media and turned it into a tool for blatant propaganda and promotion that celebrates terrorists and calls them clerics and describes them as pious men. The Brotherhood turned the media, which must support civilized values like freedom, openness, coexistence and tolerance, into platforms that spread violence, sanctifies extremists and promotes the fatwas of suicide bombings. They spread their ideas in religious institutions and mosques.

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Even in institutions which you’d think they’re distant from, they will still find a chance to spread their doctrine. You will find their books in hospital and prison libraries. Even among terrorists, there are men who advise them.

The Brotherhood ideology is a tank for terrorism that is against the civil state, science and culture and it is a disease which infiltrates institutions and tampers with them and destroys them. There are other reasons which put this ideology in direct conflict with civilization and progress. This is why the noblest task is the one which is clearly and bravely carried out by Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Cairo on behalf of everyone.

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Mamdouh AlMuhaini is the Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabiya News Channel’s digital platforms. He can be followed on Twitter @malmhuain.

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