Qatar in the eyes of Qaradawi

Sawsan Al Shaer
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We haven’t heard Qatari leadership’s comment on what the former Russian ambassador to Qatar said regarding his meeting with Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

We also haven’t heard a response from the Qatari “Brotherhood” regarding the envoy’s remarks on Qaradawi’s opinion about the ruling regime in Qatar. Do they agree with Qaradawi’s point of view, as clarified by the former envoy, that “Gulf regimes are dictatorial, bloody and oppressive” and that they, including the Qatari regime, “must fall?”

The more important question is: Did Qaradawi’s stance and opinion of al-Thani surprise the Qatari Brotherhood? Were they shocked? Or were they aware of his stance and worked with him to achieve this aim in silence? The million-dollar question is: Did the regime of al-Thani guarantee that the Brotherhood in Qatar was loyal to it or did it know that the group was loyal to their guide?

A means to an end

The relationship between the international Muslim Brotherhood organization and the Qatari leadership is strange - it’s a demonic alliance in which each party views the other as a means to an end. This is how it’s like, yet they both maintain this alliance where each party thinks it’s the one exploiting the other.

Hamad bin Khalifa thinks he’s exploited the Brotherhood and used them as a tool to govern the Arab world through them. He thought that after housing, empowering and supporting them to topple Arab regimes and attain governance, they will hand him the key to power.

When will the Brotherhood in Qatar and the Qatari command wake up? They are only a means to an end. They’ve lost their people in the Gulf, and they’ve lost their Arabism for the sake of leaders who view them as a mere tool

Sawsan Al Shaer

Meanwhile, the truth is, what Qaradawi told the former ambassador is that he’s exploiting Qatar and that al-Thani’s fall is inevitable after it performs its role. So who was the means to an end here, the Brotherhood or Hamad bin Khalifa?

The answer is simple. It’s Hamad bin Khalifa and the naïve Gulf Brotherhood cadres, particularly the Qatari Brotherhood ones, who are helping this organization achieve its project of toppling regimes in their countries to later hand them over to the Brotherhood’s command. Then, they and Gulf people will be displaced - or did they think that they will rule in their countries on behalf of the caliph of Muslims?

When will the Brotherhood in Qatar and the Qatari command wake up? They are only a means to an end. They’ve lost their people in the Gulf, and they’ve lost their Arabism for the sake of leaders who view them as a mere tool.

The Brotherhood wins in the end

The price they will pay to an organization that’s paving the way for their fall is a high price. It’s an irrational and illogical deal. In Qaradawi’s eyes, al-Thani is a ruling family that’s not any different from other ruling Gulf families. Al-Thani means nothing to the Brotherhood as all what the latter is promising it is an illusion. Meanwhile, Qatar lost its brothers and its place in its natural habitat for the sake of an enemy and a monster that it’s raising in the heart of its home.

Qatar is not exploiting the Brotherhood but the opposite is true. So which shock may open Qatar’s eyes and make it realize the truth? What information and evidence do the Qatari Brotherhood cadres have to see to realize that they are only slaves to Qaradawi and his organization and that they’re exhausting them, blackmailing them and deceiving them?

The Russian envoy’s acknowledgment is a new evidence to be added to the thousands of other evidence which they’re ignoring.

Qaradawi did not say anything we do not know about the organization. We did not even need the Russian envoy’s confession as we’ve seen the Brotherhood’s stances before our eyes during different historical phases when they stood with Iran against us.

The Russian envoy’s meeting with Qaradawi, which revealed the latter’s opinion of al-Thani, will not be the last evidence which proves that Qatar, with its regime, money and people, only serves as the organization’s Bayt Al Mal (house of wealth).

Qaradawi basically meant that Qatar was and still is a refueling station that will be burnt after it runs out of its last drop of money.

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Sawsan Al Shaer is a Bahraini writer and journalist. She tweets @sawsanalshaer.

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