Sense of denial in Bahrain could prove dangerous

Sawsan Al Shaer

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Many people ignited the fire in 2011 in Bahrain across several areas. Justice has dealt with most of them, while the rest have gone silent and are no longer heard. The Bahraini society thought that the situation has calmed down and that each person has gone his own way to work and rebuild. Thank God that good sense has prevailed for the sake of the homeland and national unity.

One tends to feel that there is no need for alarm or anxiety as things are following their normal course and the recurrence of the 2011 development is impossible as these illogical ideas have come to an end. You’d think that the lesson has been learnt and that after the failed attempts in 1995 and 2011, these ideas and projects have been buried once and for all. The pervasive serenity assures you that there is recognition that what had happened was wrong and that the problem of the “conflict of identities” was acknowledged and there are efforts to at least review it.

No one can argue that this problem was one of the main reasons that led to recruiting youths. It is well known that this problem, or any other problem, can only be resolved by first admitting it exists.

Once we began addressing this problem of “conflict of identities,” we were surprised by the incendiary rhetoric of those who claimed that they’ve stopped talking on behalf of others.

Those who stand behind the previous failed attempts have re-emerged on the scene. They’re once again speaking on behalf of the category of people they belong to while completely denying the presence of that problem. They’re reviving a rhetoric that speaks of injustice as they aim to reshuffle the cards. They act as if they had not caused the calamity which impacted their people.

The same insinuators that led their people to peril in Bahrain are once again speaking on their behalf

Sawsan Al Shaer

Have some mercy on your people and give them a chance to review what happened! Let them self-criticize comfortably. If your resistance of public affairs was any good to them, you would have benefitted them the first or second time but you’ve repeatedly failed.

Think about future generations. Which homeland and which Bahraini society do you want? The uprising of the oppressed, which erupts spontaneously in your minds, has always been the driver of the situation. It is an uprising that refuses to listen and interprets statements however it wants. It rushes to defense before listening. The frequent uprising of the oppressed will not end the present problem, and reshuffling the cards will not hide the clear facts. Diverting attention from the major problem will not solve it. The ears of the crowd will only momentarily be pleased and the youth will applaud for you, but then what?

Each one of us will resume working towards his goal after the end of your show. The conflict of identities will go on as long as denial pervades and as long as you do not regret bringing misfortune to your group time after time!

Poet Abbasid Salih ibn Abd al-Quddus once said:

When will the buildings reach their final stages
if you build while others destroy?
When will he who commits evil stops
if he does not feel regret?

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Sawsan Al Shaer is a Bahraini writer and journalist. She tweets under the handle @sawsanalshaer

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