The Iranian nuclear bomb

Mashari Althaydi

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Israel dropped a political bombshell when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposed the Iranian regime’s deceit to the world. The European group and the administration of the fading Barack Obama were the first to be deceived by Iran’s “secret” nuclear military program.

In his presentation, the Israeli prime minister displayed many evidence of Iran’s nuclear military and not civil, activity. He accused Iran of implementing a secret nuclear weapons program known as Project Amad, and said that Tehran continued to pursue nuclear weapons knowledge after the project was ended in 2003.

He added that the project aims to produce five nuclear warheads and he noted that there were “thousands” of documents about this dangerous project.

Of course, Iran was quick to deny his statements and mock them via its spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi and its Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. What else do you expect from them?

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What’s dangerous, however, is that the mere existence of this probably, even if by 5 percent, requires extreme caution and readiness as we are before a takfirist, brutal and mad junta that’s deeply immersed in the myths of past centuries and wants to murder anyone who opposes its takfirist project.

What’s strange is the insistence of those who contributed to the corrupt deal with Iran, mainly France and Federica Mogherini, the Italian leftist EU foreign policy chief, to keep this deal in place despite everything.

Mogherini has commented on the shocking Israeli revelations by saying that the documents which the Israeli prime minister presented do “not put into question” Tehran's compliance with the nuclear deal.

Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons means it is necessary for Saudi Arabia, which Iran sees as the main enemy, to possess similar weapons, at least for deterrence

Mashari Althaydi

Some activities

The International Atomic Energy Agency which is tasked with monitoring Iran’s nuclear programs did not directly comment on Netanyahu’s accusations but it cited a report it issued in 2015 and that identified some activities in 2003 “relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device.”

The gravity of what Israel exposed is the timing as US President Donald Trump is scheduled to announce his final stance on the nuclear deal with Iran and he’s always said that he rejects it because it is “based on lies.” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also commented on the new documents.

Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons means it is necessary for Saudi Arabia, which Iran sees as the main enemy, to possess similar weapons, at least for deterrence.

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman frankly said that during his interview on “60 Minutes” on CBS, although the kingdom is not one of the countries that love to possess these weapons; however, there is no other option.

Iran’s “ordinary” missiles hit Saudi cities so is it clever to wait until these madmen really possess a nuclear bomb? The main question is: Does the West want a nuclear arms race to rage in the Middle East via intercontinental missiles that reach Europe itself?

Those who sleep on anesthetic cushions wake up with bruises.

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