Trump enemies taking him to a second term

Mamdouh AlMuhaini
Mamdouh AlMuhaini
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Few weeks before publishing his book Fire and Fury, American Journalist Michael Wolff said the book will contain information that’s so terrible to the extent that Donald Trump will be humiliatingly expelled from the White House.

However, after the book was published, and critics went through it, it turned out that it was all delusional promise that did not even harm the American president’s cook.

Was Wolff a liar or an imposter? It is difficult to morally judge others especially when they seek to promote their work. On a commercial level, one can say that Wolff was smarter than everyone else as he spiced things up to market his book. He has sold more than two million copies of so far.

On the political level, however, the book strengthened Trump instead of weakening him because it proved to his supporters the arguments he always made, that his rivals from the political and media elite who despise him are hatching a conspiracy and seek to topple him to destroy the “America First” project.

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This “corrupt elite” will not hesitate to use all sordid stories, like saying that Trump is a shameless man who does not hesitate to seduce his friends’ wives, as Wolff said in his book.

Wolff’s attempt failed politically but succeeded financially. There has been another similar experience by James Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who Trump fired thus causing a major political storm in Washington. Comey published a new book about Trump and talked about the tense times he spent while in his administration.

Comey, who loves Hillary and hates Trump, unintentionally contributed to Trump’s victory as president when he made a great folly from which he aimed to support the Democratic candidate.

Few weeks before the elections were held, Comey decided to launch an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails, widely angering the Democrats because they thought the move would plant doubt in the hearts of the voters and solidify Hillary’s image as someone who violates the law.

Trump had demanded imprisoning her over this case. In the book, however, Comey revealed that his intention was based on good democracy as he was convinced that Hillary will win the elections and he wanted to completely clean her record before she becomes president because a constitutional crisis may have unfolded otherwise.

Trump and other such politicians are aware that people overlook ethical defects and lapses if they promise an economic paradise during crises

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Love for the limelight

Many doubted his opinion as thought his love to be in the limelight made him incapable of resisting his desire to be at the center stage and be the sole hero of the show. This is what happened as he made his full-height walk like James Bond and stood before the crowds to testify at the Congress.

Hillary is still bitter because of what he did but Comey finally decided to publish the book in which he aimed to punish Trump after he failed the first time. Yet again, this attempt failed to achieve its objective. Despite the attention the book received, it was almost impossible to harm Trump. It may actually have even done the opposite.

Comey spoke in a preaching tone and said that Trump is not morally fit to be president. However, morals have nothing to do with whether a person is a good or a bad president.

President Franklin Roosevelt had adventures with many women but that did not prevent him from being the greatest president in modern American history. The same applies to presidents Kennedy and Clinton as they would both not even get a C on the moral standard.

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Obama is a romantic and loyal husband and a good father but it is difficult to categorize him among the historical leaders. Therefore, this is a wrong offensive strategy as moral preaching will not affect Trump’s supporters who know about his relation with Stormy Daniels even if he repeatedly denies it.

Trump had said that if his supporters see him shoot someone in the street, they will still vote for him. If his supporters forgive a crime, they will not care if he slept with a porn star.

Trump and other such politicians are aware that people overlook ethical defects and lapses if they promise an economic paradise during crises. Money is everything.

Trump realized this more easily than his rivals and he rudely responded to almost all the presidents he met from Mexico to Germany and told them they have to pay the US like it paid them in the past.

This rhetoric is directed at his electoral base as he aims to present an image about himself that is different than his predecessors.

Jeopardizing credibility

Comey also failed to confirm important facts thus jeopardizing his credibility. During the elections, a media report claimed that Trump had ties with Russia and that he spent a night with Russian women in a hotel. It turned out that the entire report was fabricated and Comey appeared in a very bad light in an investigative report by Fox News.

Everyone is aware that Democrats were the ones behind the fabricated report except Comey who seemed shocked by this simple piece of information. When asked if he would continue to work under the Trump administration if he hadn’t been fire, he said yes, thus raising doubts that he aims to serve his personal interests more than anything else.

His critics said if he was a principled man he would say he would quit and stay away. Moreover, he leaked memoirs which he said he passed to his friend, a law professor at Columbia University. It later turned out that the professor received special treatment when Comey was heading the FBI thus making him look like the employee who had the right to enter the most sensitive place.

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Comey failed at dealing a death blow to Trump. He politically failed again but he made financial gains as he sold more than 600,000 copies of his book in less than a week.

It is said that Trump is a lucky man who always lands on his feet. However, a huge part of this is due to his enraged and disgruntled foes who put daggers in his hand so he can stab them in the back with them.

With enemies like Wolff and Comey, improving economy, low rate of unemployment and Kim Jong-un without nuclear claws, another four years for Trump in the White House will be almost certain.

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