Iran must prove Israel is lying

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu escalated the level of the crisis with Iran on the international level as he ruined the plans of EU leaders who are trying to convince the American administration to postpone withdrawal from the nuclear deal and to provide middle-ground solutions.

Netanyahu provided dangerous information that does not only state that Iran is misusing the nuclear deal but that it is also violating the entire agreement, which prohibits nuclear activity for military purposes.

If some of the accusations he made are true regarding Tehran and its failure to actually halt its nuclear activity, this will destroy the international agreement which is described as historical and which those who’ve signed it believe it’s very precious.

We cannot judge information provided by Israel considering it is a direct party in the conflict. We are waiting to hear the other parties’ opinions, including European ones, which said that they were surprised by the Israeli premier’s remarks and are studying Israeli intelligence information.

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Although we do not know the truth of Iran’s commitment to the deal, we actually know the Iranian regime that’s based on deceit. We know that if it hadn’t been for the economic sanctions, it would not have agreed to sign the nuclear deal with the West.

The question that remains is did the Iranian regime respect the deal? Its behavior shows that it cannot stop increasing its military competence and defensive capabilities which it claims are necessary for the regime’s survival.

It’s no surprise at all if it later turned out that it continued to work in secret to develop its nuclear structure. Western countries are expected not to hesitate into looking into this as this is one of the major rights of those who signed the deal.

The Europeans will probably find that the Iranian regime is guilty in terms of not halting the rehabilitation of its nuclear capabilities but they will claim there isn’t enough to convict it

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The prohibited rate

The Europeans will probably find that the Iranian regime is guilty in terms of not halting the rehabilitation of its nuclear capabilities but they will claim there isn’t enough to convict it since it has not exceeded the prohibited enrichment rate.

Before signing the agreement, the Iranian regime was hinting that it will not stop rehabilitating its facilities as it believes it is within its right to do so. It wants to be ready with nuclear capabilities that enable it to quickly produce nuclear weapons once the 10-year period ends and it may have these capabilities ready even before they end.

The idea of establishing the agreement on the basis that the Supreme Leader’s regime will respect the pledges it made is wrong and stupid to begin with. The dozens of cameras set by the international observers and the vows to carry out surprise inspections will not stop the regime from resorting to trickery.

The Tehran regime bowed to American sanctions and agreed to the conditions due to the blockade but it was not convinced of anything and it probably never intended to stop its nuclear program.

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Therefore, if it had shut down laboratories, deactivated some equipment and opened its nuclear facilities to be inspected, it may have opened other facilities to resume its work in secret. The regime is mysterious and extremely ambiguous; therefore, we may not know the truth until after it’s too late!

During the phase after the nuclear agreement was signed, Iranian security forces became stricter, instead of being open and lenient, and arrested dozens of Iranians and visitors who are originally Iranian as well as others under different excuses.

This is a sign that it increased its secrecy level. It also prevented gathering information on its territories, which shows that the regime is afraid the truth will be discovered.

Iran which denies the information that Israel announced must open the door to expose the Israelis’ lies, that is they really are liars; or else, the deal is not worth the papers it’s written on.

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