The uprising of Arab dignity

Sawsan Al Shaer
Sawsan Al Shaer
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Just like what happened in Lebanon, the candidates of pro-Iranian parties in Iraq have begun to pay huge prices for keeping their positions of influence in their electoral seats after there haven’t been any rivals for years.

The candidates who presented the constituencies which Hezbollah controlled in Lebanon and current Iraqi candidates in constituencies controlled by parties that are loyal to Iran have complained of the violence facing them, like assaults and threats against them and their families.

Threats have even been publically made against the people of the entire constituency. This intimidation from pro-Iran parties is expected to continue in the upcoming elections in Bahrain as well.

In the past, some Bahraini constituencies were controlled by pro-Iran parties and it was unlikely that anyone would dare compete against them. It is likely that voters who oppose them will be terrorized if these parties call for boycotting the entire elections.

Candidates who are running against these parties may also be subject to violence if the latter decides to push its own candidates to participate in the elections. It is clear that violence has become inescapable within the constituencies that were once calm with only pro-Iran candidates presented in the previous legislative season.

Arab uprising against the stooges of Iran and its agents has expanded and now covers the Arab Maghreb

Sawsan Al Shaer

Parties loyal to Iran used to boast and flaunt in the Arab world of their Iranian affiliations, raising the image of Khomeini and his entourage in public and in the street, defying the Arab people and authorities. However, they are now facing a reaction from the people even before that of the authorities, and the confrontation with the Shiite public even before the Sunnis, who are striking back twice as hard for their lies, hypocrisy and corruption.

Today, in those constituencies, an Arab popular uprising is occurring for the sake of Arab dignity. The Arab people are taking these treacherous people back to their dens from where they used to openly flaunt their treason.

Iran knows well that enabling its stooges in the Arab world has become an expensive exercise for the state and these parties. The honeymoon period with the United States, which facilitated free expansion, so to say, whether by arming groups to threaten the people of the region or through ideological intimidation, has ended.

The uprising against them and taking them back to their places of origin in is what ended their presence in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, resistance is in full swing to purge the region of the treason that has violated Arab countries in recent years.

Iran floundering

Iran, which is drowning into its failing economy and into the general revolt within its territories, is forced to sink even further into the swamp of its expansion in the Arab region.

It must now provide its servants with more financial support and more weapons and assign them more experts to assist them in controlling their areas of influence in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq. Now, it must confront the Bahraini, Saudi and Kuwaiti people, where these groups are trying to impose themselves on the political scene.

The Arab uprising against the stooges of Iran and its agents has expanded and now covers the Arab Maghreb. Contempt has started to spread against every agent of this Persian state, whether he be Sunni or Shiite as Iran supports the different facets of terrorism and the rebel militias; it supports al-Qaeda, the Polisario and Hamas.

The most important thing for Iran is to break national unity and weaken the state from within. Iran couldn’t care less about the doctrine, the religion or the belief of its militias as long as it threatens stability.The exposure of the Iranian project to the Arab people has revealed the motive all double agents and exposed the faces they’ve hidden behind for years and perhaps even decades.

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Sawsan Al Shaer is a Bahraini writer and journalist. She tweets under the handle @sawsanalshaer.

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