The three noble tasks of the Saudi-Emirati axis

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

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The Iranian-Qatari-Muslim Brotherhood campaigns on the Saudi-Emirati axis are never-ending. They’ve done everything they can to undermine it. They resorted to hacking, spreading rumors, live coverage, fake news and an army of flies on Twitter. Millions were paid for this purpose but the opposite result was achieved as these campaigns deepened ties instead of shaking them.

It’s easy to realize that you’re right when all the bad players including Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah, ISIS, the Brotherhood, the Houthis, al-Qaeda and the Popular Mobilization hate you; however, it’s important to know what the three noble tasks this axis is carrying out on behalf of everyone are exactly.

Imagine the map without Saudi Arabia and the UAE for just few seconds and you will see a terrifying map in which black and yellow flags are fluttering and in which borders and a good livelihood has disappeared into dust

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

The illusion of stability

The first task is international. Many think they live a stable and prosperous life and do not confront the threats of wars and conflicts. They go shopping, enroll their children in the best schools and enjoy the aspects of modern life. They think this is all a foregone conclusion. This is because they were born and raised in these stable circumstances so they never doubted for a minute that there might come a day when they lose it all.

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This is, however, a wrong and deceitful view. In order to enjoy stability, there must be political powers that form a strong security umbrella that deters all parties that seek to shake stability and plant chaos. This is the noble task that the Saudi-Emirati alliance is performing. They are launching a strong war on terror groups, confronting the Iran, Houthi and Hezbollah threats and fighting terror groups that are reproducing like cancer.

Imagine the map without Saudi Arabia and the UAE for just few seconds and you will see a terrifying map in which black and yellow flags are fluttering and in which borders and a good livelihood has disappeared into dust. There will be destruction and failed countries that are drowned in backwardness.

Children would be sent to join militias instead of being sent to school and they’d be loyal to the clerics of terrorism. This axis is the steel wall against Iran and al-Qaeda as it maintains the stability of the world order for this region, and without it, we will all fall down to the abyss.

Spreading an intellectual rhetoric

The second task is intellectual and cultural. The Saudi-Emirati alliance does not only fight these parties on the security and military levels, but also fights them on the intellectual level. This alliance has launched a noble war on the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, ISIS and all terror groups and is fighting it by providing the rhetoric of the moderate and enlightening Islam.

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The easiest thing a government can do is humor extremists and gain their amiability for political ambitions or out of fear or to be spared from their insults, attacks and threats to destroy their countries. We’ve seen this before and we know the painful results well.

The result will be sick ideas, instigators whose hands are stained with blood and armies of teenage terrorists who do not hesitate to murder their relatives. Schools would turn into Muslim Brotherhood barricades to graduate cadres that learn hatred instead of learning thinking methods. Mosques will no longer be worshipping places but will turn into factories that produce fanatics.

These are terrifying results. This is what Doha is doing as it has turned into a dustbin for extremists and their obnoxious doctrines. Doha has utilized its media outlets to air their dangerous propaganda and glorify suicide attacks, and it has paid millions for it.

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To confront this role, which was one of the reasons that led to boycotting Qatar, the Saudi-Emirati axis chose to play the opposite role, the humanitarian, moral and unpopular one, while bearing the lies and insults of extremists and mobs. It chose to empty the reservoir of extremism that is filled with explosive ideas. This alliance knows that this is the only way to present Islam in the best image as an enlightening civilized religion that’s open to cultures and serves all humanity with no exceptions.

This is our only hope. Imagine if this alliance had not performed this task, then who would? Definitely not the trembling or colluding governments. We will thus fall once again in the darkness without a glimpse of hope in the horizon.

Hope for the future

The third task is developmental and futuristic. While this alliance fights the dangerous players that threaten the region’s stability, combats extremism and spreads a moderate religious and cultural rhetoric, it’s also presenting the most significant economic and developmental model in the region. In this Arab world that is frustrated and ravaged by conflicts, wars and merchants of slogans, this axis is well-aware that this solution it provides will be the hope which enhances the life of millions.

This is what we are witnessing as this axis is attracting successful and ambitious people, and it has become a destination for investments and new projects. Economic success is the highway to join the modern world, which is competing over inventions, artificial intelligence and the most modern applications.

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This developmental role can positively ‘infect’ others and turn the region into a new East Asia. Ideological chants will thus dim and the sounds of operating factories and laboratories will rise. As Tehran, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda spread their projects of death, the alliance is establishing a project of life and this is the only way towards modernization and catching up with the developing world.

This axis is thus fighting on three fronts and it is carrying out these major tasks on behalf of everyone. It is good to have a reminder of these tasks amid this fuss of lies and attacks of terrorist flies.

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Mamdouh AlMuhaini is the Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabiya News Channel’s digital platforms. He can be followed on Twitter @malmhuain.

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