Bitterness, confusion among Saudi Arabia’s foes

Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi
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I am a Saudi citizen and I say: Saudi Arabia first. This is what every Saudi, whether a leader or a citizen, says. Saudi Arabia comes first because it’s the nation and is the collective identity; the history and the geography; the memory and the sense of belonging, the present and the future.

This is what citizens say about their countries, such as Americans like US President Donald Trump says America First. The same applies to Russians, Turks, Iranians and others.

Enemies are upset and confused and the world is recalibrating its power equations so that each knows its place and capabilities. Also, so that each country can reflect on its policies and alliances through the power of politics, diplomacy, boycott and sanctions, as well as with the power of armies and weapons

Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi

Saudi Arabia, UAE leading Arab front

In this context, it is noteworthy that patriotism is strengthened through victories, achievements and successes. People become hostile to countries if their leaders guide them as cattle and if they ideologically control their ideas, be they leftists, nationalists or Islamist ideas. In such instances, people become enemies of their states.

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This is what the herd of traitors and conspirators — who work for Iran, Turkey, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups — do.

The Arab alliance led by the Saudi kingdom and the UAE, of which Egypt and Bahrain are part of, is leading the Arab front today to secure Arab states and interests.

This alliance is the real savior against all the new colonizers — which include Iran in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, Turkey in Syria and other areas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the region and the world. This alliance led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman managed to help the US safeguard its interests under the Trump administration.

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The rationale of history must dominate, the exigencies of reality must be addressed and an exact balance of power must be achieved. This can be realized through deep insight, knowledge, planning and a sharp vision.

Confusion in enemy ranks

Enemies are upset and confused and the world is recalibrating its power equations so that each knows its place and capabilities and reflects on its policies and alliances through the power of politics, diplomacy, boycott and sanctions, as well as with the power of armies and weapons. This can be seen by observing changes in relations of European countries with the US and among Middle East countries.

The US has declared Lebanese Hezbollah a terrorist group and has put both its military and political wings in this category, as they are both terrorists no matter how much they exploit the Jerusalem issue and raise its slogans or seek to use Palestine as a bargaining chip.

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Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain are on the same path and have the same orientation and they know how the region is being harmed. They know the region’s peoples well and are most capable of influencing them. Saudi Arabia and the UAE saved Bahrain once and also saved Egypt twice. This alliance of victory and salvation has proven itself as a daunting entity in all international and regional equations on all fronts.

Iran is begging for a European savior that may provide it with guarantees but no one has responded yet. Big European companies are fleeing Iran at a fast pace and everyone who has dealt with Iran, whether banks or companies, are looking for a safe way out of any ties they have with Iran, its parties, militias and ideology. Everyone now accepts the facts about Iran’s crimes such as its sponsoring of terrorism, drug dealing and money laundering in the region and the world.

Exploiting Palestinian cause

The world now knows about Turkey’s relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Nusra Front and about its ties with ISIS. What was happening in South Turkey in the past few years, and which resembled hosting Afghan-Arabs in Pakistan during the 1980's, is now being highlighted by think tanks and media outlets. The Qatari role in all of this and its complete support for terrorism and its groups are under scrutiny. An example is the interview which Al-Arabiya television channel aired last week.

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So what are the foes stirring up an uproar against? What are they holding onto? How are they distorting this salvation alliance? The answer is easy. They have done so through the Palestinian cause which they have, from Iran, Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, managed to exploit to serve their interests and fulfill their ambitions.

It’s easy for an observer to know that there’s no difference between Lebanese Hezbollah Party, which is Iran’s agent, and Hamas, which is also Iran’s agent, when it comes to the aims and goals. Just like the slogan of “resistance” did not cleanse Hezbollah, the slogan of Palestine, Jerusalem and “the cause” will not cleanse Hamas, as the traitor is a traitor and an agent is an agent. Facts and data are what provide evidence and are what have the final word.

Free men have fulfilled what they promised. The salvation alliance has fulfilled its promises in Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. This is what Trump is also doing as he seeks to fulfill the promises he made to his voters. This can be seen in every decision and policy he had promised to adopt. The ball is now in the court of enemies who are now looking for ways and seeking the help of international powers for protection.

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In politics, there is nothing better than patience when you besiege your enemy and boycott him and inflict continuous losses on him, thus leading him to use his bargaining chips. There’s nothing better than letting your enemy feel confused as to which path to take and which direction to go as you break his will and strength and get rid of his evil.

I do not have exact numbers but it’s very easy to know that the Arab salvation alliance is heading towards ascendance on the political, developmental, cultural and military fronts. Meanwhile, enemies are suffering evident losses. All this allows us to analyze and foresee the future.

Hezbollah’s terrorist tag

Saudi citizens are now happier and their loyalty to their country is increasing while Iranian citizens are protesting and revolting against the regime.

Given these two opposite paths, the future must be clear for observers, whether in the region or outside it. These observers include countries, organizations, media outlets and research centers. They must take this into consideration if not for the sake of professionalism at work then to avoid scandals when the conflict ends and it’s revealed who the losers and winners are.

This salvation alliance which consists of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain in alliance with the US began with imposing strict sanctions against Hezbollah and its leaders and its branding as a terrorist organization. Other movements, organizations and militias will suffer the same fate.

The US has begun the building of an international alliance against Iran, as part of Trump’s strategy against the regime. Meanwhile, Iraq’s elections have begun to head in the direction of rejecting Iran’s agents and embracing national symbols and movements. More is yet to come.

This article is also available in Arabic.

Abdullah bin Bijad al-Otaibi is a Saudi writer and researcher. He is a member of the board of advisors at Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center. He tweets under @abdullahbjad.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English's point-of-view.
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