The prophecy of Rami Makhlouf

Hazem al-Amin

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Israel has accepted the Syrian army’s entrance into Daraa. This happened via a Russian-Syrian agreement with the approval of the United States!

What hasn’t been announced is that the Moscow-sponsored agreement included Russian guarantees that Iranians and their loyal militias, including the Lebanese Hezbollah, would stay away from Syrian-Israeli borders.

Observers believe it is very likely that the Russians have guaranteed the exit of Iranians from all the regions in the south of Syria. The Syrian regime's army advancement towards Daraa to the border with Jordan and Israel couldn’t have happened without the approval of Israel.

Only a month ago, the advancement of this army would mean to Tel Aviv the advancement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which was impossible to occur.

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All of a sudden, the daily Israeli assaults stopped and the Syrian regime’s army started its advancement. It’s a very clear scenario and there is no doubt regarding the guarantees that have been presented to Israel.

Of course, the first victim of this agreement is the armed Syrian opposition factions in southern Syria, as all the forces surrounding them have conspired against them.

Once again, these factions pay a high price that reaches the point of extracting them from the equation and turning them into a small figure in the hands of regional powers that they had relied on.

Tehran has achieved its goal of expanding in Syria and moving away from the border with Israel is part of a deal that keeps its dominance over Damascus

Hazem al-Amin

One incident

However, there is one incident that has lost its status in our Syria-related memory. In early 2011, during the first year of protests in Syria, late New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid interviewed Bashar al-Assad’s cousin, Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf who said: “If there is no stability here, there’s no way there will be stability in Israel.

No way, and nobody can guarantee what will happen after, God forbid, anything happens to this regime.” The same day, the press loyal to the regime launched an attack on Makhlouf. It’s probable that the “transparency” of the man was why he was reprimanded by the regime.

But what is happening today is one of the chapters that Makhlouf had “prophesized.” In the framework of the collapse of the regime’s defenses, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its militias came to Syria to protect the regime.

The Revolutionary Guard, backed by the arsenal of the resistance, acknowledges that protecting the regime can only be secured through launching regional war horns that raise fear worldwide.

The regime realizes that the world’s fear for Israel is stronger than its aspirations to support the Syrian uprising against it. In light of this information, the Revolutionary Guard and its militias approached the border with Israel, and the latter launched daily raids on their positions.

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These raids were the start of an all-out war. The Russians allowed Israeli aircraft to bomb Iranian positions daily through Syrian airspace without any reaction from Tehran and its allies until it was time for the deal as the Iranians’ point of coming so close to the borders has never had anything to do with launching a war with Tel Aviv.

As for Israel, it is not interested in the future of the regime if the latter does not respect its conditions of not coming close to the borders, as such it is prone to give the regime a lease of life if it secures its borders as it has done for 40 years in the Golan Heights.

Tehran has achieved its goal of expanding in Syria. Moving away from the border with Israel is part of a deal that keeps its dominance in Damascus, far away from these borders. “The liberation of Palestine”can wait for centuries as long as there are sectarian chains that have been secured by the conflict with the "enemy.”

Rami Makhlouf’s prophecy has come true in the literal sense of the word. The resistance has excelled in using Palestine to protect tyrannical blood thirsty regimes again.

And once again, the forces of civil war, called the “Syrian opposition factions,” revealed that they were nothing more than a small tool in the hands of regional and international operators who do not take the Syrian interest into consideration.

Tel Aviv has secured its borders, Tehran has received a sectarian payout, Moscow has promoted the crooked deal, and the regime's army has advanced to Daraa. Rami Makhlouf did not lie when he said what he said.

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