Modern states are those designed for the citizen

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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Life experiences in the modern era have proved that the civil state is the best and ideal model that can achieve security, stability and the desired social welfare. All countries across the world are either a purely civil state or a military state.

There are only two states that are ruled by clerics and they are the Vatican and the mullahs’ republic in Iran. The Vatican is just a formal state, with no army or authority, and it is formally located within the Italian Republic.

The military state is mostly a failed state, on both the medium and long terms, and I will talk about that later in another article. The mullahs’ state in Iran is a purely religious state, which resembles the pattern that had spread in Europe before eventually vanishing.

It is currently facing real challenges, which according to all indicators, they will inevitably topple it. The religious state is only concerned with spreading its ideology, and to achieve this goal, it would sacrifice people, money, economy and services, like what is happening in Tehran.

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These countries usually produce opportunists who raise similar slogans but seek to seize opportunities to make illegitimate gains, exactly like what happens in Iran. The religious state and political religious movements strongly believe in suppression and force, and in striking anyone who opposes them or rebels against them with an iron fist.

Shedding blood, for example, is one of their most important means of imposing their views. Usually the uprisings and the revolutions against religious states end in civil wars which are marked with “sacred slaughtering” as leaders justify murder to their followers since their goal which they view as sacred is supporting the ideology no matter what the consequences are.

Iran is in a real catastrophic crisis as it cannot fulfill the demands of its people within the country and cannot justify its foreign misadventures

Mohammed Al Shaikh

Suffocated crisis

People, as history taught us, might be submissive to suppression and endure oppression, but they will not be submissive forever. The mullahs’ state in Iran is going through a suffocating economic crisis, and it does not have the practical tools that would make it capable to meet the demands of revolutionaries and demonstrators.

In addition to the fact that the requirements of the goals dictated by Khomeini, their sacred leader, before his death, concerning exporting the revolution, expanding through invasion, recruiting followers, and imposing the Shiite doctrine by the force of weapons, also require huge financial resources which Iran will not be able to provide due to the tight US sanctions.

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Iran is in a real catastrophic crisis as it cannot fulfill the demands of its people within the country and cannot justify its foreign misadventures, which increases financial expenses by the day.

I believe that the fall of the religious State of Vilayat-e Faqih, would be inevitably followed by the fall of all the political Islam movements and organizations. Not only Shiite political Islam groups like the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Shiite Islamist movements in Iraq will fall but Sunni political Islam movements will also fall.

With the collapse of all these movements, terrorism would weaken and shrink, and people would turn away from it thus it will become part of a history that was and ended, just like what happened to the Khawarij movements Islamic history has known.

All what I want to say here is that Iran’s failed Islamic experience which is about to collapse and vanish, in addition to the results of the so-called Arab Spring and the terrible failure of these Islamized revolutions, prove that the inevitable solution is the civil state experience.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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