Will Europe obstruct the liberation of Yemen?

Mashari Althaydi

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Does the world (or shall we say the Europeans’ vileness) need to wake up from its slumber to the incident of targeting a Saudi oil tanker in the Red Sea and until Saudi Arabia issues a decision to “immediately and temporarily” halt the passage of Saudi oil shipments via these waters?

Did we need the bragging of Qassem Soleimani, the general of terrorism who is roaming the region, about this crime to know who incited Tehran’s followers in Yemen against world trade and not just against Saudi Arabia?

In a statement published by a news agency affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, the terrorist Soleimani threatened American President Trump who economically suffocated Khomeinism at the international level. The Supreme Leader’s confederate threatened Trump saying: “The Red Sea is no longer secure.”

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There’s no doubt that this Iranian aggression via the Houthi claw on the heart of the world trade security is due to the Khomeini regime’s and the Revolutionary Guards’ feeling that they are extremely besieged amid Trump’s seriousness to discipline the Iranian regime.

Soleimani frankly noted Iran’s adoption of “an uneven war” approach, in reference to wars of gangs, militias and intelligence. This is what Iran’s gangs in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon actually do.

What’s confusing is that after the departure of the “catastrophic” President Barack Obama, there is still some sort of western love toward the Khomeini regime. There’s frankly what I described as western political “vileness” especially by the European group towards the Yemeni case.

The only real international pressure on the Khomeini regime’s behavior is being exerted by the Trump administration as it has taken it upon itself to force the Europeans to abandon this tale of affection with Iran

Mashari Althaydi

Real obstacle

The real obstacle in terms of liberating the Hodeidah Port where the Houthis are acting like thugs is the western resistance and pressure. It is as if the Houthis had not staged a coup and as if they are not condemned and illegitimate based on international decisions!

It’s as if what’s requested from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries is to reconcile with a situation in which the Houthis control Yemen or participate in governance via an obstructing third, like the case is in Lebanon, and use their missiles to shell Saudi cities and threaten trade’s activity in the Red Sea. This is however something that’s impossible for Saudi Arabia to accept.

Yes, UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash was right when he said this attack has significances that go beyond the region and as he noted that there are limits to patience when it comes to Hodeidah. He also interestingly added that “the divergence of points of view between the US and Europe over Iran is worrying.”

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This means more reliance on individual military, political and economic capabilities like Saudi Arabia did via its smart decision to temporarily halt the transport of Saudi oil via the Red Sea amid the crisis of prices in the energy market and which Europe suffers from.

The only real international pressure on the Khomeini regime’s behavior is being exerted by the Trump administration as it has taken it upon itself to force the Europeans to abandon this complicated tale of affection with Iran.

This is on the international level. As for Iran’s neighboring countries, they have the decisiveness, determination and men’s resoluteness.

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