The man who refuses to say ‘President Trump!’

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

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Journalists and friends of John Brennan, the former CIA director, urge him to say “Mr. President” instead of the “Mr. Trump” he always says, but they have failed. Brennan could not bite his tongue and accept the reality and instead decided to call Trump using his name. If he’s in a hostile mood, and he is most of the time with the American president, he adds insults like “Trump the liar” and “Trump the deranged.” Most recently, he said “Trump the traitor” after the president met with Kim Jong-un.

Brennan’s position expresses the bitter hatred he has towards “Mr. President,” to the extent that he does not recognize him as president. He says Trump is a man who does not deserve this honor and to sit in an office which great figures sat in. This talk may seem ordinary if it comes from a citizen who has not held any state positions but when this stance is announced by the former chief of the strongest espionage apparatus in the world, it’s suspicious. It’s thus normal to ask this question: Does this important man have secret information about Trump that make him bear such a grudge towards him and not even acknowledge his presidency?

He has not presented anything credible until today, and it’s certain that if he had anything on Trump, he would have put it forward a long time ago and got rid of him. Brennan knows more than anyone else that there is no conclusive evidence, but he’s not naïve to close the investigation and announce the innocence of his rival. His aim is to resume making these accusations in the media and through his angry Twitter account without providing any proof and while creating a state of doubts, suspicions and allegations that may harm more than facts do.

Due to his long work in the world of darkness, Brennan knows the powerful influence of rumors and conspiracies on people’s minds. It’s not unlikely that he or one of his men were behind the leaks about Trump’s relations to prostitutes and the audio recording of him. What’s certain is that Brennan is the man who launched the whirlwind of a secret suspicious relationship between Trump and the Russians as he received an unreliable British intelligence report and it was put up for discussion in security and intelligence apparatuses and leaked to the press later. Hence, the black cloud that follows the president everywhere was formed and it will not leave him until his last day in office.

Brennan seizes any opportunity to attack the president because he despises him so much on a personal and moral level. In private gatherings, Brennan does not hesitate to call him names and disdain him, saying he lacks principles by citing his relations with women and even his multiple marriages.

“This man got married three times!” This is how Brennan once mocked Trump in reference to Trump’s disrespect of women and the idea that he treated them like pieces of meat and replaced them like dolls.

The clash between Brennan and Trump also happened because of the difference in character and political tendencies. Trump is a man of money while Brennan is a man of the government. Trump works in public and Brennan works in secret.

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Brennan plays the role of a watchdog that protects intelligence institutions while threatening to bite Trump following his fierce attack on them and his accusations that these institutions are pursuing him like witches were pursued in the Middle Ages. This is true as Brennan is leading a team of former intelligence officials, including James Comey, Andrew Mccabe and James Clapper, threatening to punish the president they do not recognize.

This is rare behavior as previously, former officials prefer to keep silent, isolate themselves and not criticize current officials to avoid causing divisions and chaos within the society. However, the rules of the game changed around a year and nine months ago, as seeing Trump expelled and defeated and perhaps handcuffed is seemingly now more important than all old traditions and unwritten norms.

Two entirely different men

The clash between Brennan and Trump also happened because of the difference in character and political tendencies. Trump is a man of money while Brennan is a man of the government. Trump works in public and Brennan works in secret. Trump only uses religion but he does not wholeheartedly believe in it (it’s said that during his inauguration ceremony, he thought about swearing on his book The Art of the Deal instead of on the bible) while Brennan is known to be pious since his childhood years and thought about becoming a priest.

Trump is playful and loves women while Brennan is loyal and he’s only had one wife. Trump serves himself while Brennan serves his party. Trump did not become interested in politics until recently and Brennan in his early years decided to vote for a communist candidate for the presidency as a reaction to his dismay towards the Watergate scandal.

Trump is social and he dazzled everyone with his capabilities to move people while Brennan is firm with a face of a ruthless wrestler. Trump is realistic and without principles while Brennan is ideologically rigid and a preacher of morals. Due to Trump’s amusing character, that cannot be taken fully seriously, not many people pause at his lies. However, Brennan is perceived as delusional he excitedly repeats illogical rumors.

The Obama link

Another reason Trump hates Brennan is due to another man named Obama. The two men fell in love with each other when they first met. They share their vision of the world, dyed with a leftist hue. According to one report, the pair intellectually clicked and there was chemistry between them to the point that they completed each other’s sentences. However, each one saw in the other something that somehow benefits him. Brennan, who donated to Obama’s campaign with the maximum allowed amount, saw in this rising young man an embodiment of his political vision. Obama had no political experience so he needed Brennan’s long experience in the government and his knowledge, especially in the intelligence’s secret society, until he became the bearer of his messages to the world.

Brennan is the real engineer of the drones project that target terrorists in Yemen and Afghanistan. This is one of Obama’s greatest achievements in the war on terrorism despite the ethical doubts it stirred. And of course he gave him the most wanted prey, with the murder of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. At the time, Brennan was Obama’s counterterrorism advisor. Brennan was the muscles which Obama, the former community organizer, needed and he succeeded in displaying them.

If Brennan is this much in love with Obama and his ideas and vision of the world, it was expected that he would hate Trump, who sent Obama’s entire legacy up in smoke, and seek to crush him. But can he? It’s currently unlikely, given the economy’s prosperity but it seems Brennan will not stop at smear campaigns and will never utter the word “president” even if Trump does make America great again, like he promised his supporters.

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