Osama bin Laden’s mother condemns the Muslim Brotherhood

For the first time in many years, the mother of Osama bin Laden has broken her silence and spoken about her relationship with her son. As a mother, she doesn’t believe anything bad about her son even if he was the leader of Al-Qaeda, the man who spread terrorism and destruction.

The most important feature of Mrs. Aliya Ghanem’s talk relates to how the Muslim Brotherhood recruited her son when he was studying at the King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, specifically by Palestinian Brotherhood member Abdullah Azzam, the spiritual father of the Arab Afghans, and the leader and mentor of bin Laden.

She believes that her son was “brainwashed in his twenties and became a different person”. What Osama’s mother does not know is that Abdullah Azzam wasn’t the only bad influence, but this transformation was also brought about by Ikhwan al-Hijaz (the Brotherhood of the Hijaz), the most active branch of the two other organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia which are ‘the Brotherhood of Riyadh’, or the so-called ‘General Command’ as well and the ‘Az-Zubayr Brotherhood’.

Muslim Brotherhood’s brainwashing

The interview by bin Laden's mother have been carried out by the British newspaper The Guardian and was translated by many Arab media outlets. It is an important confession because his mother watched him as a young boy and later as a young man and witnessed the extent of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence over him and of brainwashing him and the degree of emotional isolation he underwent because of the radical teachings about "Hakimiyyah" and "Jahiliyyah, the alleged Western conspiracy against Islam and other dubious ideas which first mentally brainwashed him and then made him establish Al-Qaeda, the most dangerous terrorist organization in the last three decades.

Bin Laden’s mother witnessed the extent to which the Muslim Brotherhood influenced her son and the degree of emotional isolation he underwent because of the radical teachings.

Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi

Many have written about bin Laden's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood; his relationship with Abdullah Azzam and the Brotherhood of the Hijaz is well-known. He was later ousted from the organization after he dared go to Afghanistan and stay there although the orders were to deliver aid and return. Ayman al-Zawahiri mentioned this in a series of video-broadcasts following the assassination of bin Laden.

After Al-Qaeda became stronger and attracted more followers. Mustafa Mashhur, the Muslim Brotherhood’s general guide, who is also a prominent student of Sayyid Qutb, met bin Laden and told him: “You left your brothers and you shall return to your brothers”. However, bin Laden refused the offer because he believed that he was more influential than the Brotherhood.

Source of distorted beliefs

It is important for researchers and experts to acknowledge the dissimilarities between political Islam groups and violent religious organizations, but the most important point is to realize that they all derive from the Muslim Brotherhood's discourse, which is the founding basis for all misinterpretation of Islam for the last nine decades.

The spread of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rhetoric has been the greatest threat to Islam as a religious that guides and exploited the latter as a tool to attain power, while only focusing on their selective interpretation of ‘Sharia’ and abolishing the other foundations of the religion and its branches.

Al-Qaeda's alliance with Iran has been an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology which glorifies Khomeini’s revolution. Al-Qaeda also allied itself with Qatar and Turkey's fundamentalist project in the region. Al-Qaeda was keen over hiding this alliance from ideological and extremist followers but after it was exposed, it began to issue lengthy explanations via the Sururist Movement in Saudi Arabia and others.

For example, most recently there has been the book, ‘Muslims and Western Civilization’, supposedly written by Safar Al-Hawali. I believe that this is the work of a different Sahawist group, for it appears that Safar al-Hawali and Nasser al Omar targeted the Shiites and Sufism inside Saudi Arabia to provoke sedition and chaos within the country, while they remain convinced of bin Laden’s alliance with Iran.

Mrs. Aliya Ghanem finally appeared in the pictures wearing high-end clothes that reflect a fine taste while giving a testimony to history and the world about the Muslim Brotherhood and the ideology that brainwashed her son at an early age and deceived him, which is the method of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Abdullah bin Bijad al-Otaibi is a Saudi writer and researcher. He is a member of the board of advisors at Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center. He tweets under @abdullahbjad


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