On the ‘Resistance’ bloc celebrating its ‘victories’ in Syria

Ali Al-Amin

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We can notice that the forces of the ‘Resistance bloc’ are no longer satisfied with Russia’s military strength in fighting opponents of President Bashar al-Assad. Ever since Russia launched its aerial military intervention in Syria and displayed all of its destructive weapons in Syria, the ‘Resistance’ forces and their audience praised Russia and used names like Abu Ali Putin to describe Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They tried to project Russia as a conquering force against US imperialism and an ally in the face of Israeli and Western ambitions in the Arab region. They came up with analyses and coined slogans that presented Russia as an emancipator against American influence in the region, particularly in Syria.

The bogus claims of ‘Resistance’

This was before the execution of the recent military operations in southern Syria and which allowed the regime to take control of the borders with occupied Golan. Meanwhile, Iran gave assurances that it is going to push its militia back from these borders by more than eighty kilometers.

Russian actions, especially those related to guaranteeing the security of Israel, did not come as a shock. The decision to keep Iran away from the borders of Golan and the Russian-Israeli coordination that strengthened and solidified were not even mentioned in the speeches about the road to Jerusalem that’s being built from Syria and which the secretary general of Hezbollah delivers.

Iranian groups and their militias are now focusing on engaging in confrontations but not against Israeli soldiers in Lebanon and Syria and not against American soldiers in Iraq and Syria

Ali Al-Amin

What’s new today is that the forces of ‘Resistance’ and their media outlets are promoting their victory in Syria and are praising the Russian role in achieving this victory against the takfirist and terrorist American and Zionist project, since they consider that takfir and terrorism are an American and Israeli creation.

Facts in southern Syria have revealed that Israeli security is a priority that should not be touched. What is “perplexing” is that the sentiment of the ‘Resistance’ forces did not react to Russia's position standing as an obstacle in constructing the ‘Jerusalem Road’, in whose name the destruction of Syria was validated. We no longer even hear the name of the Quds Force or its leader in relation to its stance on the Israeli-Russian agreements regarding guarantees to Israel's security and borders.

In Israel’s service all along

Without doubt, neither Iran nor its militias can violate Israel's security, as its opponents may claim. However what observers can sense from the rhetoric of the forces of the ‘Resistance’ is that it intersects, if not matches, Israeli gains.

Israel has succeeded in achieving and enforcing a number of goals by virtue of the forces that claimed to be fighting it in Syria. The first is the establishment of security on its borders and of enforcing an Iranian withdrawal. Solidifying Israeli security is the truth that everyone recognizes, and facts have shown that the borders with Israel remained stable while Syrian areas have been up in flames for the last seven years.

Second, Israel has been confident that Russia and the United States will take its side in terms of its security, and this would not have been possible without Russian-Israeli cooperation in Syria and Iran’s bloody entry into the Levant. Iran is aware that the combination of hostility towards the Syrian people and harming Israel’s security will not be possible. Therefore, Iran was more than committed to protecting the interests of Israel and engaged in crushing the will of Syrian people, who revolted against the tyrannical regime in Syria, in such an unjustified manner.

Thirdly, while the ‘Resistance’ through its various affiliates was winning in Syria, Israel was achieving the most important agreements to ensure its interests, such as its agreement on the Syrian south, the Hamas-Israel agreement in Gaza or the move of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

In this context, Israeli achievements and the marginalization of the role of the Palestinian Authority coincided with the so-called victories achieved by the axis of ‘Resistance’.

Victory has reached a point that Iranian groups and their militias are now focusing on engaging in confrontations but not against Israeli soldiers in Lebanon and Syria and not against American soldiers in Iraq and Syria. They are rather roaring up for the sake of supporting groups that further destroy Arab societies and their countries. Hezbollah’s secretary general is now ready to meet and directly support Houthis in Yemen, yet he has refrained from taking any practical steps that can be interpreted to be supportive of groups within occupied Palestine in order to emancipate it. On the contrary, he seems very disciplined about not upsetting Israeli officials.

Hezbollah, the false savior

Finally, the game that the Israelis wish for and which Hezbollah as a symbol of the ‘Resistance’ seems to master now is the exaggerations via media coverage on false plans about a possible war between the two sides. Israel’s purpose is to blackmail the West to promote its ambitions, while Hezbollah benefits from such reports to justify its projects which are focused on dominating and maintaining power in Lebanon and the implementation of what Iran requires in Syria and other Arab countries in the name of hostility towards Israel.

This excitement in the rhetoric of the ‘Resistance’ reached a point where the most important achievement of the Russian intervention after maintaining the Assad regime in Syria, was Moscow’s capability to win the confidence of Tel Aviv at the expense of Washington. This achievement, which exposes the dubious role of Russia role in Syria, is being praised by the ‘Resistance’ as a victory for its axis.

The ongoing Syrian calamity has proven costly to mainly the Syrians as well as to Arabs. However, it has also exposed the weakness of the Iranian ideology and its Arabized rhetoric towards Israel. It also exposed how regional countries, particularly Iran, have no problem in destroying its Arab surrounding through claiming to defend its causes in order to maintain their interests. The outcome in the end is that Moscow, Israel and Washington are the real winners in the Arab Mashreq, while the victory of ‘Resistance’ forces which are cheerful that Assad stayed is in fact a victory over the peoples and the Arab regional system and a victory of ideological hollowness which is based on the destruction of society and state.

In this sense, the most important achievement that can serve to revive awareness, presence and efficiency in our Arab countries to thus restore and re-activate the Arab regional system is further exposure of this ideological discourse which raised the slogans of liberating peoples and Jerusalem and confronting arrogance and the West. This rhetoric is being further exposed as a model of tyranny and that’s more likely to seal deals with Israel, celebrate foreign domination at the expense of national and Arab interests and invest in ignorance in order to support backwardness and servitude.

The so-called ‘Resistance’ bloc is the factory of hollow ideologies which master the destruction that it celebrates as triumphant victory.

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Ali Al-Amin is a journalist based in Lebanon and is the Editor of news site Janoubia.com.

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