Khashoggi and another incitement campaign against Saudi Arabia

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

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Saudi Arabia announced the details of the unfortunate incident of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The country took strong measures including relieving some from their positions, arresting those involved, beginning investigations and rectifying the structure and functioning of the intelligence apparatus.

Despite that, the media campaign against the country did not calm down – as expected – because the purpose is Saudi Arabia itself and not punishing the wrongdoers and those who caused the crime. It is certain that if Saudi Arabia issues dozens of other statements, they will be met with more doubts and refusal.

It’s in the interest of Saudi Arabia’s enemies to reject and refuse the facts to create a state of suspicion and paranoia in order to resume the campaign in the name of Khashoggi, whose name is being exploited every minute by those that claim to defend him but actually intend to shake the image of Saudi Arabia in front of the world over a crime committed by rogue individuals.

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It was a tremendous mistake, as Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said in his interview with Fox News. No such mistake has happened during 80 years of the history of Saudi Arabia, which did not pursue well-known opposition figures. On the contrary, they get their space via satellite channels and on the internet and continue to insult and incite.

Saudi Arabia’s political doctrine performs the more important work, which is maintaining the region’s stability by confronting terrorist elements and organizations like al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Houthis or rogue regimes like Iran, which are based on the ideology of assassinations and silencing opposition voices with bullets and booby-trapped cars.

Saudi Arabia is engaged in an open war on the ground, and in the media sphere, with these parties, and this is what has made the country the biggest target of these groups.

This is another attempt to stain Saudi Arabia’s image and blackmail it. Saudi Arabia has overcome bigger crises such as the September 11 events, and this crisis will inevitably pass

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Ideological level

On an ideological level, Saudi Arabia fights extremist ideas and dark doctrines like those the Muslim Brotherhood promotes. We still remember Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s famous statement: “We will destroy extremist ideas today and immediately” and which transformed into a work program on the ground.

The state that fights dangerous mix of extremist organizations and rogue regimes does not commit the same practices. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that all these formed one team and exploited the Khashoggi case from the first hour as the target is Riyadh, their biggest and strongest enemy.

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There’s more than one motive in the media around the Khashoggi case. There is a rightful motive, which is to know the details of what happened, and this is everyone’s request including Saudi Arabia itself.

Secrecy by those involved at the beginning and covering up made the matter more mysterious and complicated. Revealing facts publicly before the world is the right way and this is what happened.

However, in addition to this rightful demand, there are other voices. We are aware that their purpose is incitement and the spiteful desire to destroy and distort and not seek the truth. As we see, there is a clear alliance of these voices in the east and west, and they are enemies with no masks.

Brotherhood everywhere

The media of Doha regime, which supports terrorist organizations like al-Nusra, Hezbollah and Brotherhood, launched an attack in alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere. Even al-Qaeda members like its preacher Majed al-Rashed are appealing to President Trump via Twitter to punish Saudi Arabia.

The hostility of terrorist groups and organizations and their financers toward Saudi Arabia is well known. This is why the rare case of the murder of a Saudi citizen is being exploited and taken outside its criminal, legal and humanitarian context to transform into a political crime.

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Allied with them in the west are those who hate the Saudi state for several reasons of which the most prominent is the kingdom’s strong stance toward Iran, which they enthusiastically defend while forgetting the bodies of children and the horrific massacres Iran is committing in Iraq and Syria and which thousands have fallen victims to.

There is hypocrisy and moral double standard as there are demands for revenge and penalties over a crime committed by rogue individuals – who have been detained and will be tried and punished – at a time when the Iranian regime, which is publicly committing crimes in Syria under the pretext of protecting holy shrines, is not being criticized.

This is another attempt to stain Saudi Arabia’s image and blackmail it. Saudi Arabia has overcome bigger crises such as the September 11 events, and this crisis will inevitably pass and the country will resume its approach of fighting extremist regimes in Doha and Tehran.

These regimes have found opportunity in an isolated incident to accuse the Saudi state of something that is actually one of their very own political principles.

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