What is the leftist media’s issue with Saudi Arabia?

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

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The ideological dispute and existential conflict is the brief answer to this question. We can change how the question is phrased and get the same answer. For instance, it can be: What is the problem of the Muslim Brotherhood’s media with Saudi Arabia? When it comes to the US, one can ask: What is the problem of the leftist media with the Trump administration and with republican administrations in general?

It’s important to ask this question to understand the main motive of this media even if it took certain issues such as the Khashoggi incident were taken out of their legal and humanitarian context and turned into a pretext for incitement and distortion.

The leftist ideology controls American media, and its most important teachings include promoting revolutions and changing the current situation to create what it sees as a perfect world. This is why many who call themselves progressive lead and manage these media institutions that distort any voices and stances that disagree with them.

Regarding Saudi Arabia, we can clearly see the stance of this biased media. This appeared with the Khashoggi case, which has turned into an excuse to serve certain purposes when the real reason is purely ideological

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Selective coverage

This is why important but different voices are absent from these screens and newspapers. In academic institutions, we see public intimidation against conservative figures that are prevented from speaking and expressing themselves. The same is happening with President Trump where an unprecedented war has been launched against him as he was demonized before entering the White House because he does not belong to their camp. Two approaches are adopted with enemies, either to intimidate and tame them or to destroy them.

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Regarding Saudi Arabia, we can clearly see the stance of this biased media. This appeared with the Khashoggi case, which has turned into an excuse to serve certain purposes when the real reason is purely ideological. This media is aware that Saudi Arabia falls in the non-revolutionary, conservative, political and capitalist camp that’s allied with the Republican side. Therefore, this media has launched a war against it due to its intellectual and political doctrine. The goal is of course to defeat it, cancel it or intimidate it to push it towards the leftist camp and then be silent over it.

This is specifically why the leftist press celebrates Iranian officials although they belong to a regime that has committed horrific massacres inside and outside Iran, planted terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and caused the murder of Americans before any others. It’s for the same reason that leftist presidents were celebrated, such as Obama. This is also why they supported candidate Hillary Clinton, celebrated the nuclear deal with Tehran and shed tears like it was a historical marriage ceremony.

At the same time, Saudi officials are being attacked although their country fights Sunni terrorism, whose leaders reside in Iran, and combats Shiite terrorism. Due to one rare incident that has never happened since 80 years, a wide campaign is being launched against it.

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Why does this media ignore all the tragedies Tehran caused over the past 40 years and calls for forgiving its sins and for rapprochement, and criticizes whoever attacks it (currently that’s the Trump administration) and focuses on one single Saudi case before the judiciary? Once again, it’s not because of these specific incidents, but because of the intellectual ideology that resides in their minds.

Rejecting different views

Let’s not be fooled by the mullahs’ beards and the ties of the leftist journalists as in the end they belong to the same intellectual camp and agree on the same final goals. For instance, the same applies to Cuba when there were celebrations of rapprochement with it during Obama’s era, even though Castro’s regime is a dictatorial iron fist one and he murdered, tortured and displaced thousands of Cubans.

When the Green Movement erupted in Iran and hundreds were killed and arrested, the leftist media outlets did not criticize President Barack Obama who kept silent in such a shameful way, but it praised his silence under the excuse that he was helping the bleeding rebels.

We did not see a photo of the young killed Neda Soltan turn into a global icon and we did not see her photos on the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post. When Obama sealed a dangerous deal with this same regime that supported the Assad regime and caused the biggest massacre in the modern era, this media blessed the dangerous agreement.

The leftist media fiercely attacked Obama following the emotional outburst in which he decided to attack Assad after he crossed the red line. And now, this media is fiercely attacking President Trump because he revoked the nuclear deal and besieged this regime which killed and displaced millions of Iranians.

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Susan Rice’s article in the New York Times is the biggest example of this rooted ideological stance as she does not care what happens on the ground if it does not serve her agenda. She was upset by the Saudi-Canadian dispute, and it’s a simple disagreement according to diplomatic standards. She incited the Trump administration against Riyadh due to a dispute with another country, not Washington.

When she was in a position of power and responsibility, Rice herself kept silent over all the blood that the Revolutionary Guards shed around the world. I do not think her stance is strange or shocking because it harmonizes with her intellectual position. If Saudi Arabia were a leftist revolutionary country that harmonizes with her political and intellectual vision, she would probably not say a single word about it.

Let’s bring the scene closer and replace the leftist media with the Brotherhood media and ask the same question: What is the Brotherhood media’s issue with Saudi Arabia? It’s not a specific incident but it’s a radical intellectual and political stance. Saudi Arabia opposes and fights the extremist ideological Brotherhood project which is why Doha turned into a dump for their leaders and a bank to fund them since it’s in the same intellectual and political camp. It’s no coincidence that the left, the Iranians and the Brotherhood are carrying Khashoggi’s photo everywhere, but their intellectual and political hostility toward Riyadh is much older and deeper.

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