A failed attempt to isolate Saudi Arabia

Mashari Althaydi

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s tour succeeded in thwarting the Khomeinist, Brotherhood and leftist campaign that aimed to build a wall of political isolation on Saudi Arabia.

Within days, Prince Mohammed bin Salman toured seven countries, which included the UAE, Bahrain, Tunisia, Mauritania, Algeria and Argentina where his presence was remarkable at the G-20 summit.

The aim of Saudi Arabia’s enemies has been clear ever since the crisis that surfaced as a result of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The aim has not been related to punishment and has nothing to do with the truth and there’s neither been a pure legal and criminal dimension.

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Khashoggi’s case – as it turned out for every neutral rational man even if he’s not within the Saudi side – turned out to be an excuse to stop the Saudi political and economic momentum led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself under the direction, blessing and approval of King Salman.

Proof of that is that the campaign against Saudi Arabia and the attempt to harm the relation with the American administration under the leadership of President Donald Trump comes long before the Khashoggi case. The American “leftist” media or western media in general has always grabbed the Brotherhood’s and Khomeinists’ gossip and nonsense.

The American “leftist” media or western media in general has always grabbed the Brotherhood’s and Khomeinists’ gossip and nonsense

Mashari Althaydi

International coalition

Distorting the justice of the battle in Yemen and picturing the Saudi role – notice how they cancel the presence of the international coalition to restore legitimacy and only tackle Saudi Arabia – as primary “aggression” by Saudi Arabia on the poor, vulnerable and powerless Yemeni people has been the path and narrative adopted by dailies like the Washington Post and New York Times and by CNN and other outlets in America, and the British BBC and The Guardian for example. This is in addition to Arabic media services of some European outlets especially France 24 and the German DW channels.

It’s as if there are no militias receiving missiles, training, weapons and propaganda from Iran and the Revolutionary Guards. It’s as if there are no missiles shelling Saudi cities and killing people. It’s as if there are no Yemeni people who reject these Houthi gangs. It’s as if there are no legitimate Yemeni government and presidency fighting the Houthis.

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And more importantly, it’s as if there are no international resolutions by the UN Security Council criminalizing the Houthis and supporting Yemeni legitimacy. This leftist media depicts the image in Yemen as a pure Saudi offensive led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite all the aforementioned obvious facts.

In addition to all that, there is the influential Saudi role in fighting the Brotherhood and extremist groups as announced by the Saudi crown prince as he made this a major headline of Saudi policy. All these along with the new Saudi economic bravery have outraged the dark tripartite, the Brotherhood, the left and the Khomeinists.

So they decided to grab the Khashoggi case and were deluded that they will succeed in the campaign of media intimidation and isolation of the new Saudi Arabia. He has failed who instills it [with corruption].

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