Doha and Riyadh summit: What’s new?

Mashari Althaydi

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The Qatar-Brotherhood propaganda machine has been active, ahead of the GCC summit that will be held in Riyadh.

The propaganda machine wants to create an illusion that the presence of the Qatari representative, whether it is the emir or any other figure, is proof that the Arab quartet – and in this case the Gulf tripartite – has “backed down” on boycotting Qatar’s authorities to punish them for their evil against the security of these countries.

They’re grabbing a “protocol” related piece of news from here and there and build upon it pyramids of illusions, wishes and lies which the makers of this loud propaganda has mastered.

They’re supported by a “network” of websites, television channels, dailies and social media accounts that are operated by those who market Qatar’s rhetoric either because they believe in it or because they are after making gains from the money of the burning gas.

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The justice of the stance adopted by Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Manama on the Gulf level and Cairo on the Arab level is clear. The position is based on the duties to defend the security and people of these countries.

This fairness became more rooted and credible in the wake of Qatar’s further involvement with the enemies and haters of the stability of these countries, primarily the Khomeinist Iran and Erdogan’s Turkey whom the Qatari state melt in their cup like an effervescent tablet!

Whether Qatar’s authorities go to Riyadh or not, and regardless of who goes, this will not change the scene and the fact that the reasons behind the quartet’s boycott regarding Qatar’s behavior continues to exist

Mashari Althaydi

Has anything changed?

What has Doha changed so Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Manama and Cairo change?

Have Qatar’s authorities stopped supporting the Brotherhood? Have they stopped supporting al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Al-Houthi and the Popular Mobilization networks?

Have they stopped supporting extremists who call for destruction and undermining the state like London’s mouthpieces whose public appearances and gossip expanded on their televisions, mainly on Al-Jazeera network, like al-Massari and Al-Faqih?

Have the Qatari authorities stopped inciting against the Egyptian state and the Egyptians’ security and supporting the terrorist Brotherhood there? Who went further in the media campaign against Saudi Arabia regarding the Khashoggi case both in secret and in public?

The same can be said about the Qatar-Brotherhood media campaigns against the UAE as we’ve seen in the case of the British Matthew Hedges.

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Hence Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa was right during his interview yesterday with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper as he spoke about the Gulf summit and described the ongoing dispute with Qatar as “unprecedented and very deep” and noted that “after committing to the enemies of the region like Iran,” Qatar “has burned the return ships to the GCC.”

In brief, whether Qatar’s authorities go to Riyadh or not, and regardless of who goes, this will not change the scene and the fact that the reasons behind the quartet’s boycott regarding Qatar’s behavior continues to exist. The justifications and evidence to the reasons of this boycott have even increased.

The other point is that this not the first “protocol” occasion linked to Qatar and its “bad” relation with its neighbors. What has changed?

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