The Houthis must be dealt with forcefully

Hamoud Abu Taleb

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We said it before and we say it again, we should never assume good intentions from the outlaw Houthi militias who are occupying Yemen with the full support of the Iranian National Guard and the Lebanese gang of Hezbollah. All previous attempts to reach a peaceful solution to the Yemeni problem have failed because the Houthis do not want any political solution.

To be more specific, they do not have the power to make a decision because they only do what they are told by Tehran. They are only Yemeni in name; their allegiance is to Iran. This is the worst betrayal of the Yemeni people in its long Arab history.

Yes, no one wants a military solution and bloodshed, but it seems that the Houthis will not accept anything else.

Hamoud Abu Taleb

Breaching the agreement

Before the talks in Sweden, the Houthi militias showed signs of stalling, which was an indication that these talks would end like previous ones. The United Nations insisted on these talks and we wanted to be optimistic. But the Houthis breached the Hodeidah agreement the moment they returned to Yemen. They handed over the seaport to a group of 400 Houthi members wearing police and Yemeni coast guard uniforms.

The head of the UN observers saw what was being done and the delegation of the legitimate government of Yemen protested officially to the UN and now we are back at square one as if the Sweden talks never took place.

Frankly speaking, Yemen is turning into a difficult problem that cannot be solved because the UN is pampering the Houthi militias. The UN has not enforced resolution number 2216 and has allowed the Houthis to put forth their conditions and further complicate the situation with lame excuses.

Yes, no one wants a military solution and bloodshed, but it seems that the Houthis will not accept anything else. We cannot allow them to destroy Yemen and threaten regional countries. The Houthis must be dealt with forcefully.

This article was first published in Saudi Gazette.
Hamoud Abu Taleb is a Saudi columnist who writes frequently on current affairs in the Gulf and the Middle East.

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