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Vahdaneh Vahid
Vahdaneh Vahid
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Coffee is good for you! It contains large amounts of magnesium, with vitamins B1 and B3. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant whilst helping defend the cells in your body from any damage from iron overdose, heavy metals such as cadmium (a chemical element) and certain cancers. Coffee also contains anticoagulant, which is a substance that prevents coagulation of blood and can protect against stroke and heart disease.

Coffee increases your energy, it boosts your vigilance and also improves your concentration – but only if you drink it slowly.

Coffee increases your energy, it boosts your vigilance and also improves your concentration – but only if you drink it slowly.

Vahdaneh Vahid

As you know, coffee contains caffeine, which we see as a drug but actually is a nutrient. When you drink coffee with milk added to it at a meal, you can help maintain blood your sugar levels from decreasing until your next meal.

Unfortunately, a caffeine intake has a bad reputation as it can make most people jittery. This is just because most us drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, without any milk and gulp it down.

When you drink coffee in such a manner you rev up your metabolic rate, increasing your need for glucose. As a result your blood sugar levels plummit and stress hormones, such as adrenaline, rise which causes the anxious symptoms.

How can you enjoy a coffee and get the benefits?

We reach for a caffeine fix to get the energy boost that so many of us require.

Start by decreasing the amount of coffee you use to start with. Use 1-2 tablespoons and if you’re ordering coffee, ask for it to be made with only 1 shot.

Always drink coffee with plenty of milk or some (real) pouring cream. If you’re not feeling a change in your energy levels, then you can slowly increase the amount by a tablespoon. Just remember your looking for a gradual increase in energy. Using this simple method in drinking coffee you will also not leave you wired and won’t affect your sleep.

Choosing your coffee

There are many variations of coffee in the market today and coffee shops selling many flavoured brands. I would suggest keeping it as simple as possible when selecting the appropriate coffee.

Select plain ground beans without any additives or flavouring, bearing in mind that plain coffee that is stored next to any flavoured types can absorb their scents.
These ingredients can aggravate the digestive system. If you are unsure about purchasing coffee in coffee shops or resturants then there is nothing better than making your own using ground coffee beans and a French press (also known as a press pot/coffee press). I like to use honey and some coconut oil in my coffee with plenty of organic milk. I find the coconut oil really helps with energy and the metabolism.

If you find coffee too acidic, you can add a pinch of baking soda which neutralizes the acidity. Added cream and milk while drinking it at a meal will reduce any acidic effect. Try to stick to coffee over regular tea. But if you are a tea lover, then real tea is your best choice over any herbal teas because of lower caffeine levels.

So next time you decide to stay away from coffee, look at it as a powerful nutrient - not as a caffeine-fuelled drug. Drink it slowly with plenty of milk and enjoy the slow energy release it will give you.

Vahdaneh Vahid is a UK-based Personal Trainer who recently moved to Dubai. She has had an interest in fitness from a young age. Her motto is now "Train Don't Drain" and teaches her clients that a balanced understanding of their physical, mental and emotional wellness is key. She can be found on Twitter: @vvfitness

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