Syrian opposition unveils Assad, ISIS links

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Syria’s main opposition group says it has found proof that al-Qaeda’s affiliate – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS -- is jointly working with the government in Damascus to undermine rebel groups fighting to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad.

According to documents revealed by the Syrian National Coalition, several field commanders of the al-Qaeda affiliate were former military or intelligence officers of the Syrian army.


These commanders are coordinating military operations with the Assad’s forces, providing them with information about rebel fighters and facilitating the recapture of areas previously controlled by the rebel Free Syrian Army.

The opposition notes that Assad’s air force never targeted the usually conspicuous and large camps operated by ISIS in several parts of the country.

On the opposite side, the smaller and less visible outposts of the Syrian Free Army were frequently targeted by the Syrian air force.

Since reports surfaced last month that ISIS is linked to the Syrian regime, the FSA has waged a war against the extremist group.

Rebel raids on ISIS camps turned out further corroborations on the alleged ties. Similar weapons and ammunition used by the Syrian regime forces were also found at the al-Qaeda camp in Raqqa province.

Syrian security identification cards and passports with entry and exit stamps to Iran were also seized during the raids on ISIS camps.

The latest reports came days after U.S. Treasury Department suggested last week that Assad’s ally Iran has allowed al-Qaeda militants to enter Syria.

The Syrian opposition National Coalition has said that it will use the latest report to back its stance during a second round of peace talks with the Assad’s regime in Geneva this week.

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