Saudi King orders treatment for Syrian child diagnosed with Leukemia

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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz recently ordered the treatment of a young Syrian boy who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Known as Aboudi, the five-year-old Syrian child resides in Lebanon after he and his mother escaped Syria’s violent civil war , while his father was forced to stay in the country.

Al-Hadath News Channel had aired a report introducing Aboudi’s case, in which his uncle pleaded anyone who could help with the child’s long and costly treatment.

“We ask that God heals him, that’s the most important thing, and as you know the financial situation is difficult for the treatment,” his uncle, unidentified in the video report, had said.

Shortly after, the family heard the good news, leaving his mother almost speechless.

“The said the king will pay for my son’s treatment, I want to thank him a lot, and tell him that God will not forget you, just like you helped my son. May God not forget any person who stood by me. I say this from the burnt heart of a mother,” she told al-Hadath News Channel.

It remains unclear whether Aboudi will continue his treatment in Lebanon or will be moved to Saudi Arabia.

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