Saudi securing pilgrims march to Mina

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One million three hundred seventy four thousand two hundred six is the number of pilgrims who came by air, land and sea ports for this year's pilgrimage. The process of the crossing of those numbers of pilgrims was facilitated.

The resolution and determination and intolerance to violators were matched with facilitation, acceleration and making things easy for the pilgrims coming from inside the Kingdom and from abroad in a regular manner and through official permits.

That is what was confirmed by the the Directorate of Passports which pointed out that the Saudi government works for the sake of the security and safety of the pilgrims and their comfort.

In land ports, about four hundred sixty people were returned. They had forged visas. The number of pilgrims who entered Saudi Arabia is as follows: one million three hundred twenty five two thousand one hundred eighty nine pilgrims arrived by air, thirty six thousand ninety four pilgrims by land, and twelve thousand nine hundred twenty three pilgrims by sea.

The Saudi authorities had deported more than five hundred ninety thousand people who tried to enter using unofficial documents. Fourteen carriers were also punished, as they tried to enter pilgrims in an illegal way.

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