The military airplanes used by Russia in Syria

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In its airstrikes in Syria, Russia is using Sukhoi 25 fighter jets, as the Russian Air Force uses Sukhoi 24, which is described as a mobile warehouse of bombs.

The scope of the ongoing war in Syria has started to extend in the air and on the ground, since the military competition between the United States and Russia has moved to Syrian airspace.

The Russian air forces found in ISIS an appropriate headline to test its fighter jets on the one hand, and to target the factions that oppose the Syrian regime on the other hand.

The most prominent Russian weapons are represented in the Russian bomber Sukhoi 25 designed for the support of ground troops' missions, and the ME-24 Helicopter or as it is called the Flying Tank, a large number of which was downed by Afghans during the Soviet invasion.

The armored personnel carrier PTR 82 is used to protect the members of the ground forces and provide fire support to the infantry. Sukhoi 24 bomber, which is a mobile bombs depot, is capable of shelling ground targets while flying at supersonic speed.

The Russian interest in Syria was represented in pushing Sukhoi 30 and Sukhoi 34 fighter jets to test them through the implementation of airstrikes in Syria, however they have not yet been tested in the field of air maneuvers.

This step comes similar to its US counterpart, which preceded it to the air raids through the international coalition, thus triggering the competition between Russian planes and their counterparts from other countries, such as the F-22 fighter jet, and the English-European Typhoon Fighter jet, as well as the French Rafale.

Meanwhile, the United States, when bombing ISIS sites, it relied on the F-22 Raptor fighter jets, and MQ-9 reaper and MQ-1B predator drones, both used to bomb targets. The United States also uses the RQ-4 Global Hawk plane to monitor and collect information and fly over the Syrian scene.

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