Why does ISIS like Hilux trucks? Toyota has no clue

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Washington demanded Toyota Motors help to uncover how ISIS came to possess a large number of the company's 4x4 vehicles.

Toyota, and according to American media sources, has confirmed that it will not be able to follow the cars that are outside the company's framework, pointing out that Washington sent dozens of Toyota cars to the opposition in Syria! Meanwhile, experts said that networks are stealing and smuggling Toyota cars to battle fields, where these vehicles seem to be in high demand.

ISIS videos drew attention to its combatants in 4x4 vehicle convoys, all of which are made by Toyota. This phenomenon raised many American red flags! The Terrorism Financing Unit of the US Treasury Department opened an investigation on the subject and asked Japanese Toyota motors to help uncover the terrorist organization's source in obtaining such a large number of its cars.

According to US channel ABC, Toyota declared that it has no information over this phenomenon and confirmed that it cannot trace cars that might have been stolen, or resold by mediators that have no relation with the company, where they later are being smuggled to ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

Toyota handed Washington information on car supply chains in the area supported by a series of security measures taken by the company to prevent cars from falling into the hands of terrorists. According to US sources, Toyota stated that Washington had sent dozens of its vehicles to the Syrian opposition. Toyota data show a surprising increase in Land Cruiser and Hilux in Iraq. These vehicles sales registered 6,000 cars in 2011 to 18,000 in 2013. Meanwhile, these vehicles' sales decreased in 2014 to 13,000 cars.

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