Sharurah.. a different Saudi border with Yemen

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While keeping an eye on the weapon and an eye on the border, the border guard members stand behind three border checkpoints set by the Saudi Interior Ministry to protect the border strip in Sharurah province in the region of Najran in southern Saudi Arabia to confront the attempts of the infiltrators and smugglers.

This year, more than six thousand infiltrators and smugglers were arrested while trying to enter through these checkpoints in an illegal manner.

The sector was supported by a set of equipment, including the iron fence that you see behind me. And behind it, there is a sand wall and a ditch that constitutes the last point between it and the Yemeni border.

There are also barbed wires inside it that hamper infiltrators, smugglers and cars. The topography of the region varies between 90 percent of flat land, 7 percent of mountains and 3 percent of valleys in different areas, which made the border of Sharurah more stable and secure than the other border areas. The border guards, whether they were officers or individuals, undertake special training sessions before they join the work on the border, especially on the operations of inspection, shooting, raiding and tracking at all levels.

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