‘If I am meant to die, I die:’ An elderly man’s journey back to Syria

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Jordan witnessed an increase in the number of Syrian refugees moving back to Syria in August and September. On a daily basis, more than 100 refugees went back to Syria in those two months.

With the conflict entering its fifth year, desperation, aid cuts and difficult living conditions have pushed Syrians to move back despite the dangerous security situation.

This trend has however slowed down starting October. The latest figure shows an average of 30 refugees per day moving back in October.

The decrease could be explained by a variety of factors: the security situation getting more complex, the beginning of winter and the resumption of assistance in terms of food assistance; cash assistance and winter support.

Location: Zaatari camp, Jordan
Source: UNHCR
Reporter: Dalal Mouawad/Filming: Houssam Hariri
Date Shot: 2015 -11-29