Attacked diplomats in Iran: A disturbing four-decade trend

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Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that Iran has a record of carrying out attacks on foreign diplomatic missions, starting from the storming of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979, until the attack against the embassy and consulate of the Kingdom this week.

About 37 years ago, when the popular revolution broke out against the regime of the Shah, the Iranian hand has been standing behind many attacks against diplomatic headquarters, and diplomats inside and outside the Iranian territories.

In 1979, the US Embassy in Tehran was stormed and occupied, as its 52 employees were detained for more than 400 days. This was followed by the assassination of the Kuwaiti diplomat to India Mustafa Al-Marzoq one year later.

Two years later, the Kuwaiti diplomat Najeeb Al-Rifai was assassinated in Madrid and in 1983, the US embassy in Beirut was bombed and more than sixty people were killed, and during the same year, the US and French embassies in Kuwait were bombed.

The year 1987 witnessed an attack on the headquarters of the Saudi embassy in Tehran, during which the embassy was occupied and diplomats were besieged inside it and attacked by groups of the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij forces, knowing that this attack resulted in the injury of several diplomats and the killing of diplomat Mousaed Al-Ghamdi.

In 2007, the Kuwaiti diplomat Mohammad Al-Zoghbi was attacked in Tehran as he was going out of the embassy. In addition, the US authorities foiled early two thousand eleven, an Iranian plot to bomb the Saudi Embassy in Washington, and the assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the United States at that time, Adel Al-Jubeir.

The incident was followed by the killing of Saudi diplomat Hussein Bin Musfer Al-Qahtani, while he was heading to work in the Saudi consulate in Karachi. In addition to the attack on the diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia in the same year, which also witnessed an attack on the headquarters of the British embassy in Tehran, to demand to cut off the relations with Britain.

Finally, the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad in response to Saudi Arabia's execution of the Saudi loyal to Iran Nemer Al Nemer and forty six other terrorists.