Baby pandas learning to climb, defend territory

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Baby pandas at a research base in Chengdu City in southwest China's Sichuan Province are recently learning to climb and defend territories the hard way, by falling and through intense competition.

As the lives of giant pandas, especially baby pandas are captured on video and viewed by millions online, many get to enjoy the daily adventures of the babies as they stumble, fall off trees and learn about their world.

Cameras in the panda enclosure captured a baby panda's cautious attempt to climb down the wooden steps of a panda play set while its mother strolls around in the background. The baby panda could be seen warily measuring its next step as it tries to descend without falling, however, it tumbled onto its back after being only one step away from the ground.

Giant pandas are skillful tree climbers. Therefore, climbing is a lesson baby pandas have to learn if they are to roam through forests.

But the learning process is not easy, and consists of frequently falling off trees, or wooden stairs.

The lesson of learning to defend territories for pandas is like a relentless struggle for throne sitting on high ground among brothers and sisters. The one at the top constantly push and shove others off the throne as they try to ascend.

As the proverb goes: man cannot be judged by his appearance, the ability of chubby giant pandas is unmeasurable.

While its numbers are slowly increasing, the giant panda remains one of the rarest and most endangered species of bears in the world.

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