Bahrain security forces uncover terrorist cell

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Major General Tariq bin Hassan al-Hassan, head of public security in Bahrain, announced on Thursday the details of the pre-emptive security operation to capture a terrorist organization belonging to what is known as al Ashtar brigades.

The head of the Bahraini public security said that the terrorist cell was captured in an uninhabited building in the Deir district.

Explosive materials were found at the site, including tools and devices used to prepare and manufacture of explosive devices.

Ongoing investigations are still attempting to uncover links with other terrorist cells, groups and individuals.

According to the Bahraini public security chief, the investigation also showed that the members of this cell actively participated in preparing, planning and conducting a series of terrorist attacks that recently occurred and targeted the Bahraini security forces.

These included:

- The bombing near the village of Abu Saiba on the February 4, 2017, which resulted in the damage of a truck and a civilian vehicle passing near the site of the explosion.

- The bombing in Sanabis on February 23, 2017, which resulted in the injury of a car driver passing by the site.

- A military grenade was thrown at a security forces post in Samaheej on April 7, 2017.

The suspects arrested are:

1 - Sayed Ahmed Mahdi Kazem, 20, a student of sports education at the University of Bahrain, he has traveled several times to Iran and has been sentenced in the case of arson and assault on the police.

2 - Issa Hassan Issa Ali, 20, a student who was involved in terrorist cases and repeated trips to Syria.

3 - Ali Dawood Ahmed Daoued al-Aradi, 19, was subjected to military exercises in the camps of battalions of the Iraqi Hezbollah, where he was trained on how to use firearms and explosive materials.

4 - Hassan Shaker Hassan Ali, 21, who holds a scholarship at a training institute in Bahrain and trained in Iraq on how to use firearms and explosive materials.

5 - Haytham Ali Hassan Ali Hassan, 20, has been sentenced in cases of terrorism.