Yemen: Military committee to confront al-Qaeda formed in Hadhramaut

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The Yemeni government announced the formation of a security and military committee in the eastern province of Hadhramaut to confront the dangers of al-Qaeda and terrorist cells in the villages and districts in which they are active and to take practical steps against them.

The committee includes the governors of Hadhramaut and Shabwah, the Commander of the First Military Region and the two deputies’ chiefs of staff and interior.

During his chairing of a meeting of military security leaders in Mukalla on Tuesday evening, the Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr stated that Hadhramaut needs a security, military, political and civilian effort to promote development and meet the requirements asked by citizens.

In April 2016, the Arab Coalition succeeded in supporting Yemen’s legitimacy by expelling al-Qaeda in a qualitative military operation from the province of Hadhramaut and liberating it after a year of control. However, some terrorist strongholds are currently active in specific locations and the government is seeking to eliminate them.

Ben Daghr called to fight extremist and fanatic ideas and reject them, stressing the need now after the expulsion of al-Qaeda elements, to a security, military, political and civilian effort to protect Hadhramaut.

He also underlined that the future of Yemen has been resolved in the direction of the federal state, which consists of six provinces. He called on the militias of Houthi and Saleh to respond to the declared authorities and to stop the war.

He pointed to the seriousness of what is sought by the militias’ to consolidate and impose the rule of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist on Yemenis or kill them.

The Yemeni Prime Minister arrived in the city of Mukalla Tuesday. According to the official Saba Agency, Ben Daghr will inaugurate a number of service projects.