Scorpions’ drummer slapped with jail time in Dubai

The drummer of German heavy metal band Scorpions has been jailed in Dubai after he was accused of indecent exposure

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The drummer of German heavy metal band Scorpions has been jailed in Dubai for insulting Muslims and flashing his bottom at a policeman at Dubai International Airport.

James Kottak, an American national, was traveling through the airport on April 2, on his way to Bahrain, when he made an indecent gesture with his middle finger and dropped his trousers in front of a policeman, the Dubai Court of Misdemeanors heard.

Prosecutors said the 51-year-old drummer was under the influence of alcohol and told a group of Afghan and Pakistani passengers that they smelled.

Records show he then flashed his middle finger at them in front of a police officer, who then took Kottak to the police station located in the airport.

While in detention, Kottack dropped his trousers. However, Kottack claims he only removed his shirt.

A police officer testified: “I saw an American speaking in English about a smell from a group of passengers.

“An employee informed us that he was causing problems and insulting Muslims and Islam. I went to him and he swore about Muslims and I took him to the police center.”

On record, Kottack stated that he was under the influence of alcohol.

“I had five glasses of wine. The place was crowded and I don’t remember what happened later,” Kottak stated in records.

“I didn’t insult Muslims and it’s impossible I did so, even if drunk. I took off my shirt to show my tattoo on my back shoulder without taking off my trousers.”

Kottak has been fined Dhs 2,000 ($544) for drinking and will be deported. He admitted to drinking, but denied gesturing indecently in public and cursing Muslims, the Daily Mail reported.

The court handed Kottack a one-month jail sentence, fined him and ordered that he be deported.

Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965.