Rowhani: Iran committed to nuclear enrichment

The Iranian president said Western powers should avoid ‘excessive demands’

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Iranian President Hassan Rowhani told the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday that the Islamic Republic is committed to continuing its nuclear enrichment work and enjoying its full nuclear rights on Iranian soil within international law.

The Iranian president said: “Avoidance of excessive demands in the negotiations by our counterparts is the prerequisite for the success of the negotiations.”

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He said a nuclear deal is possible before the November deadline if the West wants a deal and shows flexibility.

Rowhani stressed that Iran is determined to continue its confidence-building approach and transparency in the nuclear negotiations.

A nuclear agreement, he said, would create a new environment "for cooperation at regional and international levels, allowing for greater focus on some very important regional issues such as combating violence and extremism in the region."

He said it would also be "a historic opportunity" for the West to show it doesn’t ignore an international treaty that allows Iran to have a peaceful nuclear program to produce energy.

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