ISIS cut man’s hand off for stealing: report

The images appear to show a man, accused of stealing, being sedated before his hand is cut off

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Disturbing images of Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants cutting a man’s hand off, in front of crowds of men and young boys apparently in the Iraqi city of Mosul have been revealed - according to British newspaper the Daily Mail.

The images appear to show a blindfolded – and clearly distressed – man, who was accused of stealing, being sedated before one of a group of masked ISIS militants takes a meat cleaver to the man’s wrist and cuts his hand off.

The punishment is apparently led by a white-bearded man the Daily Mail named Abu Ansar al-Ansari, who the newspaper says has become regularly associated with these public punishments.

The images have been shared on pro-ISIS social media, by people using the Arabic file sharing site Nasher, the report added.
In what seems an almost clinical operation the man’s arm is tightly bandaged to stem the blood flow, before his hand is severed.

The masked militants use rope to hold his arm still as the cleaver is impaled into his flesh.

The victim - who is now holding is hand to his face - is then seen to be receiving medical treatment, including further drugs and what appear to be clean bandages to prevent infection of the wound, before he is finally led away in a van.

The images were shared - the Daily Mail reported - on the Twitter page of the activist group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently.

The group work secretly from within the ISIS-occupied city exposing the activities carried out by the militants.

These images are the latest in a series of street punishments and executions, which have also seen a man accused of being homosexual thrown to his death off the roof of a tower block onto the streets below.

Each time crowds of men and boys - monitored by armed ISIS guards - are seen lining the streets, watching on as the punishment is carried out.

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