Iran missiles also ‘produced in Iraq, Syria’

Advisor to the Iran’s foreign affairs minister said Iranian missiles are not only manufactured in Syria but in Iraq as well

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Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, the advisor to the Iranian foreign affairs minister, said Iranian missiles are not only manufactured in Syria but in other countries in the region as well.

He said Iran expanded its missiles’ production outside its borders due to the “increasing Israeli threats in the region.”

Although he did not reveal much about the production Iranian missiles, he said Iraq is one of the countries where ballistic missiles are produced.

His statements come two days after the Iranian chief of staff said that manufacturing ballistic missiles has been carried out in Aleppo during the past years.

An agency affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has recently acknowledged that Houthi militias have used Iranian missiles. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, however, has denied the statements.

Meanwhile, the Iranian opposition outside Iran called on the UN Security Council to impose strict sanctions on Mahan Air and confirmed it’s owned by the Revolutionary Guards.

The opposition also said that the airliner transfers of weapons, equipment and Revolutionary Guards’ members to Syria adding that this was a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolutions.

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