Analysis: Has the race for Morocco’s new government already started?

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Rabat – According to their official website, the Justice and Development Party has handed Morocco’s recently appointed Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani the names of their preferred candidates for cabinet positions in the next government.

Suleiman al-Omrani, deputy secretary-general for the Justice and Development Party who has the electoral majority and expected to lead the next coalition government, did not disclose any details about the names of candidates for the upcoming government.

The first electoral party in Morocco adopted what it calls a "democratic procedure for the proposal". A committee of 42 members of the party's parliament delivered the names of 34 candidates for the cabinet and later selected three for every ministerial position. They opted for a distribution of ministries among the six political parties in the coalition government.

Moroccan press speculates on potential names

News outlets in Morocco are studying all the possible scenarios of the next Moroccan government, headed by Othmani.

Al Yaoum 24 website, known for its ties to the Justice and Development Party, quoted a leader in the Islamist government who reported that three ministers in the outgoing government were nominated to serve again. The names included Mustafa Ramid for the Justice position, Aziz Rabah in Transport and Equipment position, and Mustapha Khalifi to head the Media and Culture post.

Meanwhile, some newspapers accused of opposing the Islamic Party, went on to say that the National Rally of Independents party, which ranked fourth in the election and was the second frontrunner in the government's coalition, is discussing a "control of economic and strategic portfolios" in the second consecutive government led by the Justice and Development Party.

Othmani awaits the proposals

For his part, Othmani revealed last Friday night that he is currently waiting for the names of candidates for the ministries of his government from the rest of the five parties in the coalition in order to "install a proposed list of ministers, if things go fast”.

According to observers, the new government is expected to be delayed, especially if a clash takes place between the six coalition parties over the number and name of the ministries and their weight in the government.

The political leadership of the former Islamist government said they reject the presence of Idris Lashkar, secretary general of the left-wing party in the government.

According to the Moroccan constitution, the head of the government proposes the names of the candidates and portfolios, while the Moroccan Royal Court takes the final decision before King Mohammed VI appoints a new government officially.