Tunisian party leader Abir Moussi: Muslim Brotherhood members receiving foreign funds

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The head of Tunisia's Free Destourian Party (Free Constitutional Party) bloc Abir Moussi said a draft list to add more countries and groups to the country’s terror list has been rejected by the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc.

Moussi described the meeting on Monday to discuss the list ended in chaos after members of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood bloc in parliament, primarily led by the Ennahda party, refused to move the list forward to a plenary parliament session, she said during an interview with Al Arabiya and Al Hadath channels.

“In fact, the meeting witnessed a lot of confusion on the part of the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc and a strong desire not to pass this draft motion to the plenary session, and therefore, the meeting witnessed attempts to convince us that these lists do not have any benefit and that this list will contribute to the division of the Tunisian people and that it is not a priority for parliament,” Moussi said during her interview with the network.

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Moussi accused the ruling Ennahda party of having links with terrorism and called for an investigation into the party, adding that the current motion by her party’s bloc in parliament threatens the Islamists in parliament who stand to benefit from “external funds” to their movement from outside the country.

“This party [Ennahda] exists in the political arena and enters the elections based on the fallacy that it leads, and this fallacy means that this party presents itself as a civil party, as a Tunisian party, as a party that has no relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the organizations associated with it,” Moussi said.

“We want, through this proposed list and through these discussions, and through this motion to designate, to break with these fallacies and to clarify to the public opinion the relationship that links this party to the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist crimes, and suspicious movements across the world,” she added.

Moussi said that the Ennahda party falsely presents itself as a civil party in an attempt to attract the votes of Tunisians, but it is originally linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a banned movement across several countries in the region and has been designated as a terrorist organization by countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

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