Geneva confirms sexual abuse accusations against Tariq Ramadan

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A confidential report has been disclosed by a French-speaking Swiss private radio confirming sexual abuse allegations against Islamic Swiss scholar Tariq Ramadan.

Ramadan was barely out of prison on bail in France, where he faces rape charges, when he was caught up by his past as a former teacher in Switzerland.

An investigation, commissioned by the government of Geneva to look into abuse in schools, focused mainly on the college des Coudriers and the college of Saussure where Ramadan taught French between 1984 and 2004.

A confidential report about the investigation, submitted to the Council of State on Oct. 31 last year, has just been disclosed by Radio Lac.

The investigators, two former judges, heard about fifty people including four former students of Ramadan.

The report says that Ramadan “tried to seduce a 14-year-old student with no success, and he managed to have sexual relationships with the other three students aged between 15 and 18”.

The report also stated that Ramadan individually invited each of his students, both boys and girls, to have lunch at a restaurant outside of the school.

Another student reported sexual molestations that took place in Ramadan’s car.

The report pointed out that “the charismatic man’s psychological influence and threats frequently appear in the different hearings”.

This information is but a confirmation of the reports which were published by the Swiss press in November 2017.

Ramadan had then immediately declared his intention of filing a slander and defamation suit.

A year has gone by and he still did not proceeded with any suit.