Golden Quran is one of unique pieces displayed in fair

Abu Dhabi book fair models the piece on 11th century original in Germany


Visitors to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2011 were in for a gilded treat – pages of a golden Quran created from the original version, which belongs to the State Library of Munich, was exhibited over the weekend, reports Gulf News.

D.I. Paul Struzl, general manager of Adeva, a fine arts facsimile publisher, ensured the gilded reproduction of the original manuscript is done accurately and meticulously. Adeva boasts the reproduction of 480 golden replicas of everything, including maps, music sheets, and much more.

Delicate process

The first step in reproducing the golden Quran is to obtain permission to examine the original manuscript and take pictures which has to be specially developed to bring forth all the specific details of the piece.

Next, the pages are fed through a special facsimile machine which is then printed on gold sheets. The machine was designed by Struzl’s grandfather after World War 2. The golden Quran is made of 184 leaves of 16-carat gold but other manuscripts sometimes use gold of up to 23.5 carats. Binding is left as optional.

"We have also collaborated with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage to reproduce a book on falconry [and] we are currently in discussions with the Shaikh Zayed Mosque; it would be a great honour if they agree to allow us to do a gold facsimile of a manuscript of their choosing," Struzl said.

"We try to make sure that the materials and techniques used to bind the pages are as close as possible to the original…we have a specialist who has been working with us for over 30 years who does the binding. Given that it is a very sensitive process, if something goes wrong, we have to start from the beginning again," he explained further.

The quality of Adeva’s work is reflected by its high-profile clientele such as the King of Morroco and the Vatican.