Iraqi group calls for ban on marriage before age of 25


An Iraqi civil society organization has urged the country’s parliament to bring about a new law to ban marriages of people under the age of 25.

The Congregation of Youth for Culture and Development also warned of a population explosion and called for a law to control the birth rate.

Head of the organization, Saif al-Mansouri, told the Iraq-based Al Sumaria TV, that “on the occasion of World Population Day, we have launched a campaign against early marriage as well as implementation on birth control.”

He urged parliament to put forth “a new law to control births and prohibit marriage of people before the age of 25.”

Family planning is a necessary tool and has been followed by many countries, he said, pointing to countries like China and India which suffer from having a high population whereas Arab Gulf countries with low populations lead comfortable lives.

In related news, head of the population policies committee warned of the dangers the country could face if Iraq’s population reached the estimated 64 million in 2030. This would increase the pressure for more services to boost the country’s economy.

Citizens already complain of poor infrastructure in Iraq and have protested against power outages.

People still cannot do without rations from the sanction-era oil for food program and the government feels the pressure to keep on subsidizing simple necessities.

Citizens with limited incomes cannot afford owning homes, as land and building material are becoming increasingly expensive.